1. My brother is divorced because of this very reason. His mother in law caused the majority of the issues. My brother had a hell of a life for a few years after the divorce.

  2. Get a hotel if you can afford it. If you can't, find another relative to stay with. Tell your grandparents you do not feel safe, or blame it on the dog feeling stressed.

  3. If you hadn't answered the phone the family he was with would have taken care of him. He was in safe hands the entire time. You called an Uber. You did the right thing. Take this as a lesson learned, and move on.

  4. There is a doorbell on this house already (from the past owners) but it hasn’t worked while we’ve lived here, will that mean new wiring will be required?

  5. Our doorbell was broken when we replaced it with a Ring. The wires were just fine. It was the actual little button that was broken. Not the wires.

  6. How old are your kids? If they attend public school, you can talk to the nurse or principal. The schools have resources to help the students.

  7. We do magnets on the fridge. My kids love our large collection and tell stories from each trip to keep the memories fresh. We also go heavy on eating there and recreating the dishes at home after.

  8. People can have a preference for who they date, but refusing to even be friends with a particular race is straight up racism. I would not associate with someone who judged people based on just their skin color.

  9. I let the kids keep a quart size baggy of whatever candy they want. Then I buy the rest from them, usually in the form of a new toy, and my husband takes the rest to work for the break room. I take a few pieces for myself before he takes it to work.

  10. They are in their 80's. Personally, it doesn't seem like information they need to be bothered with. Let them be old and happy without dealing with the stress it might cause.

  11. Set up an in-laws WhatsApp/ Signal/ Facebook Messenger group. All grandchild updates are there. Everyone gets the same info. MiL texts? In group chat “how is everyone today? Child is (news)”. Don’t respond anywhere else. My spouse deals with his family (Beverley Hillbillies); I deal with mine (low-rent Dynasty).

  12. We have something like this. My husband's parents and all his siblings are in a group chat.

  13. Do they have to pay for EFY? It wasn't a thing when I was active. Or at least we didn't know about it.

  14. As soon as they can walk honestly. They can help you with almost everything. My toddlers liked helping me feed the pets. Sort laundry and socks. They can carry things for you. Pick things up. Another "chore" would be to put all the shoes in a basket, or fix the couch cushions. A silly one my kids always loved was washing the doorknobs and light switches with a baby wipe. They can also wipe down the dog or cat with a baby wipe too.

  15. This is actually a thing. The nuts can go back up into a little kids body. He was scared, and needed reassurance.

  16. Put one of these bad boys in the US and there would be multiple deaths a day. People here are stupid. Scary stupid. Please don’t use these in the US. 😂

  17. I was shocked. I had no idea I would be getting naked under a sheet while a stranger prayed and touched my naked body. My first trip to the temple was the beginning of the end for me. I probably would have stayed active in the church longer than I had if I had never experienced the temple. That's what made me realize the church was actually a cult.

  18. Ignore it all for now and focus on your SO. Put all of your attention towards her, and her needs. Everything else can be dealt with down the road.

  19. My parents taught me not to walk towards traffic. Vehicles are bigger than you and will win every time. Just because you might have the right of way, or think you have the right of way, doesn't mean you shouldn't back up if a car is literally driving towards your general direction.

  20. Thanksgiving isn't even really about our "birth" anymore. Just like every other holiday, it has evolved into just a basic holiday to gather with friends, and be thankful for what you have in your life. I don't think my kids have even learned about the history of Thanksgiving in school. It's literally just a holiday for annual food drives, and family gatherings.

  21. Ask grandma to send home something from her house. If she wears perfume, have her spray a blanket with it. Maybe a special stuffed animal that can travel between houses everyday. I'm in my 40's and still get warm fuzzies whenever I smell my grandma's perfume.

  22. This is exactly what I did. I was a SAHM for 10+ yrs and went back to work when my youngest started school. It's perfect! Everyone is super understanding and accommodating when kid stuff (appts, illnesses, etc.) come up.

  23. Very true. I've never had to worry about sick kids because they're right down the hall from me. They can either hang out in my office until I get off work, or I have always been able to find someone to cover me if I need to go home with them.

  24. It's not nicotine. It's poor ventilation. Dirt and oils get lifted by the steam, and get stuck to the ceiling. You need to open a window, or use the bathroom fan.

  25. Yeah opening a window didn’t work unfortunately and I can’t install a bathroom fan since I don’t own the place. Just gotta accept it then? I leave the door open when I shower but that only does so much

  26. If the window opens, you can use a fan to help everything blow out the window.

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