1. After trying incessantly to login for 3 hours, you finally enter the Waking Shores. You complete some quests, upgrade your professions, everything is great. Suddenly, something is wrong - players freeze in place, NPCs stop patrolling. The fear and panic kicks in as you face the reality of being disconnected. The screen turns black, only to fade into Stormwind.

  2. That had me busting up laughing. Thank you 😂😂

  3. I’ve never heard of that. I actually recommend you contact blizzard

  4. If its not up in the next 30 minutes I wouldn't expect it to come up until tomorrow, the server might have actually broke lawl

  5. It just restarted about 5 mins ago. Had a server shutdown message in game.

  6. It had a message in game of server shutdown.

  7. All fun and games till you end up bent over on all fours getting pumped full of cum

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