1. Ugh a 11am game in the cold. Bowl games should be played in above freezing temps.

  2. I scheduled these posts when the schedule came out and not many of the games had times on them then.

  3. Well next coach up. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

  4. Terrible play call on 4th and goal. Should have run to the outside.

  5. Do you know when the episodes are available on the non plus app? Is there commercials?

  6. The episodes popped up the next morning with no ads.

  7. Are we wearing black? I haven’t had luck finding anything

  8. Whatever camera they’re using is trash. It’s like 480p resolution.

  9. Hi, this sub is about Industrial product design. You might want to try another subreddit for help.

  10. There’s no pocket to climb up in. It collapses immediately.

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