A customer told him they were never coming back

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. I’d be more concerned if a person was driving at that age

  2. You could get an onlyfan girl to do a lot of things for you

  3. One time my dog was having a seizure and I stopped playing to help him and I told my teammates and one of them said “fuck your dog” “what are you gonna do it’s a fucking seizure” and from that day forward I haven’t taken the internet serious

  4. This was a sentient being that I cared about and she was hurting and I wanted that to stop.

  5. I’m sorry about that, I too am seeing my pet I care about start to become frail and throw up her food a lot.

  6. My mom put down every animal we've ever had because the vet recommended it so they wouldn't "suffer". One time she didn't put our suffering cat down, the cat got better, and lived another 5 glorious years. Make this decision carefully and don't let the vet decide for you.

  7. That’s my predicament honestly. In general I don’t believe in it which is sorta why I asked. There are legit reasons though, but it’s hard to be the judge.

  8. He’s a DJ he mixes the music for the artists lol.

  9. The amount of grown men I’ve seen crying over the new call of duty is crazy

  10. As long as he is being honest and straight forward I don’t see anything wrong with what he did. But admittedly it isn’t so typical for a guy to not want sex. I’m not sure why 19 would be wrong but 21 is fine either.

  11. idk what rank you are but i’ve seen much worse in gc1, obviously in hindsight you can say “hE shOuLd hAvE dONe ThiS,” no one makes the best play in every situation. Also there’s no way he could’ve gotten back

  12. Well said, he clearly thought he had enough time to grab that 100 boost. If he just went for ball he probably would of gotten it, but all in hindsight. But to think that a silver gold or plat would have made anything close to that play is absurd. They would still be stuck trying to turn around lol.

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