1. We’re gonna be one of the last to implement a program. I wouldn’t be surprised if federal legislation happens first.

  2. North Carolina is going to be the last state , thank you very much

  3. Do you know who made your piece? it looks kinda like a Shane Smith rig. I dig it btw.

  4. Damn they usually don’t look that good,I need to shop there to

  5. Why tf are y’all down voting this man? He’s diligent in trying to find this info and you guys are just toxic, fuck this app and it’s people

  6. There are a lot of dicks on here but some of us are good people. This sub is supposed to be friendly to all from The most experienced to a novice. I remember when it was a friendly sub,but lately there’s a bunch of ass hats, with there stupid and hurtful jokes.

  7. Life has its ups and downs it’s what you do when you’re on the down curve that makes you who you are.

  8. What did you end up doing? I feel sick just tossing it. I dry trimmed, or am attempting to right now. it’s going to be a lot of work to trim the sugar leaves if it’s garbage

  9. Hey if you have something running right now go pick a few fresh fan Leaves and throw it in a bag with the dry material it will be right as a kite within a couple hours.

  10. Pack banditz got the freebies for you I mean full packs of bomb ass genetics you can go straight to a lot of breeders to that’s what I do.

  11. That’s one of the best carts on the market. I’d love to be able to walk in the shop and grab some.

  12. Definitely reveg. After reading your responses, the plant probably started to flower outdoors as the light periods got shorter, and when you brought it back in to the tent, your friend didn’t match the light periods. Your friend should absolutely check his tent for light leaks. If he’s new, talk to him and make sure he’s not opening the tent during the dark period. Cannabis is incredibly photosensitive. Any sort of light can cause problems (even some brands of green light). Cameras with IR can cause this issue as well, I’ve also seen it occur with touchscreen ac thermostats that are bright. Even some dehumidifier control panels. Blackout tape is your best friend (we learned the hard way multiple layers of duct/masking/electrical tape wasn’t good enough.)

  13. I’ve thrown blankets over mine before even the best tents have leaks in the zipper stiching

  14. That nana glue would be the first to get the pop. I been looking at everyone’s “nana” lines and most of them are absolutely gorgeous looking but as we all know that doesn’t mean shit. Well I guess to some folks looks are everything.

  15. He needs to be done the same way as he did that dog. That’s not training either so don’t go there.

  16. Definitely worth ordering from then. I always end up liking the freebies as much as my original order

  17. I would love to see them turning,while he’s in that boat. Not wanting him to get hurt, I would jutttst like to see if it effects the movement of the ocean.

  18. The distant structure is a Single point moored loading arm which is used to load tankers with extracted oil from the platform.

  19. So I’m guessing it’s big enough to have housing quarters for the crew or is it manned differently? It only being on one post/stilt seems like it would sway.

  20. Just picked one up thanks do you have the Mikey in the South Carolina flag sticker?

  21. Why isn’t this on discovery plus yet, so strange.

  22. Delicious,I’m trimming myself tangerine dream. That’s a strain I’ve always wanted to run, but the right cut hasn’t come my way so far.

  23. I’m running a forum cut Girl Scout cookies x the black lime reserve I believe my cut is from the pure Michigan cut. Now this is just what I was told.

  24. and You were so close to using proper grammar.

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