1. Np! <3 tell me, that hole in the bottom of raving rabbid, is that a top trait or a bottom trait?

  2. Great trader! Trustworthy and fast! Recommend trading with this experienced and nice person

  3. I saw the green wanderer #23 and thought of you. 😂

  4. I've decided to keep collector, sorry mate. I was reading a post last night discussing favourite traits, and collector definitely has my favourite eyes!

  5. He does have great eyes. What if I sent you a different Elite Collector (2,700 something so nothing special)

  6. I think I'll stick with Wanderer and Saigas for Honey, A.I. and Glowstick if that's alright with you please mate.

  7. Sorry, but looking for an offer in ETH/CONE for #23 as I think I have enough avatars right now😆😁

  8. I’ll take a crack at it I suppose cause I want that pretty hard.

  9. So sad 😪 9’s are the most oppressed number lol

  10. I know this must be tough on you. Thoughts and prayers

  11. When a mommy cone and a daddy cone love each other very much…

  12. Thanks, just me clowning around. The competition is fierce

  13. Congrats to the lucky winners, and thank you all for making this sub great!

  14. Idk im not too crazy about that one honnestly

  15. I would of if i had 2 but i just have one and its the rarest i got. I would of simply bought it in the shop on lauch if i wanted it but i passed and i feel like the plunger is way more exclusive sorry

  16. Orbital outclaw + raving rabid + traveler rabbid? Or Voidtone, Ollie solo, chompo, saxquatch, celestial queen, silent operator, varien, Honeyboy, silver phantom.. all on the chopping block for your consideration.

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