Youtube broken for anyone else?

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  • By - ATMA

  1. I just bought a 4xl a month ago. I'm not sure why you have to get rid of yours

  2. Okay maybe a bit can bring this back to us in a year cuz I'm not planning on changing

  3. Google has always been a bit mercurial with things like this. This is their "we're not guaranteeing anything after this" date but there have been several well observed cases of continued updates for FAR beyond their EOL. I just can't take the risk with some of the things I use my phone for.

  4. I think many pixel 4xl people might. I'm considering the pixel pass since I'll be losing the grandfathered photos storage, I use YouTube premium / YT music already and the Pixel 4s are almost at their EOL. I don't think I'd upgrade from a newer device though, as it's been said several times already The leaked specs look more like an incremental from the six pro.

  5. The same thing just happened to me and I've been trying to fix it for the best 2 hours.

  6. Olive oil.... I've tried dozens of them. I have tried them in Croatia Greece Italy Sicily all of it is disgusting. It's not too strong or sh**** because I'm in America. It's... Just.... Gross. 🤮

  7. Because they like the flavour of that disgusting bottled poison for some reason.

  8. Check to see if under notifications settings, way down at the bottom, that the "hide silent notifications" isn't toggled.

  9. Update: And nothing changed at all 😌😂 them flipping the switch to give me back weather on my at a glance last night was a bigger update than this.

  10. Ya, I was expecting this Pixel specific special stuff that delayed the release to us. I just got on Reddit to see if anyone noticed anything because I haven't.

  11. I had on Android 10 and 11 90hz always on, switched over to smooth display in Android 12 Beta 5 and enabling the fps counter it works fine (60hz only on still image)

  12. I did a factory reset and with smooth display on it's just 90mhz, even on the ambient display. Once in a great while it flickers 60. The 90mhz is FAR to aggressive I guess.

  13. Also disable smooth display... For one reason or another it locks the screen to max frame rate... even the ambient display. 😕

  14. Disable system traces in developer settings.

  15. I'd rather see the date on there than the stupid "until 8:30 am" waste of space. That thing is never even close to right. Wish I could change that to a percentage or the date. the date probably isn't there because of the space it would need and they NEED to make space for cutouts in displays. 🙄

  16. it takes a little while to initialize; give it 2-3m and see if it's working then. if it's still not working then you might wanna log in and look are your messages log to see whats going on.

  17. Talked with Netflix chat just now and they said "we have issues with the 1080p extension." I'm not sure if this is technical or legal speak...

  18. While I understand why some people might get frustrated with this, they are just a company that's selling a service, and it's totally within their right to decide how that service is being provided. Netflix is not mandatory for anybody, they offer the product under specified conditions and if you cannot adjust to their condition you let them know by canceling your subscription.

  19. You are wrong... the extension does NOT break DRM. It simply lies and says it's CrOS and not Linux/Mac/Windows/etc. Chrome on CrOS plays 1080p just fine.

  20. I think it just needs to be unplugged and plugged back in again.

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