1. Thanks. I hope you like the new card. You may need to make a new reply to my original sold comment with just the word confirmed for it to count and update our tags.

  2. Hi. Thanks but I am doing shipping only. Please message me if you are interested.

  3. If you look at their official twitter page, they preach they’ll have an even bigger spike/bull run. People say those coins that 100x last year might only reach a 20x high, while new coins like neo, might see a bigger price action in green. Honestly i don’t know what to believe in, just hoping Neoxa would be included in more exchanges

  4. I have high hopes for it. I use Tradeogre for buying it.

  5. Anyone buying it instead of mining it? Mining doesn’t make the price go up…

  6. I am buying instead of mining though have been thinking about mining it too.

  7. Make sure you balance the intensity of the bias lighting behind the set according to the brightness of the TV, the intense bias lighting will result in an "over" contrasty picture causing black crush and loss of finer details.

  8. Thanks. I got a 6500k led strip that is dimmable with a remote so hopefully I can get it to the right brightness.

  9. Thanks. I have looked at those. I may end up trying something like that.

  10. I am in an apartment with no sub setting up 5.0.2 for home theater no music. I have a bass shaker ordered that can do up to 20-80hz(I know it is not the same as a sub but I cannot do a sub so this is the best I can do for now).

  11. I'm not sure if there's really any way to keep your neighbors from feeling the sub in an apartment. Probably the only thing you can do in that case is to use the sub only at reasonable hours, not late at night.

  12. Thanks. From the feedback I got most people seem to say a sub in an apartment is a bad idea. Some say it can work but I don't want to risk it. I am now looking at getting a bass shaker or two for my chair instead.

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