1. Thank you for your service toSAFC family. We will miss you

  2. So sorry about your mom, stay strong and cherish the memories

  3. What a beautiful smile on her, so sorry for your loss

  4. They should do some sort of Medley of: Disposable Heroes, For Whom The Bells Toll, Blacken, Enter Sandman

  5. I hope they get to play Screaming Suicide live on a tv talk show like Kemmel or Fallon or someone

  6. Fuck the haters, we love Metallica. They can go listen to other bands if they don’t like it. Also no band is like Metallica period

  7. Most people I know in America don’t have close relationships with their family’s which is sad to me, don’t understand why they are not close and I don’t mean close in distance. ☹️

  8. No thanks, ask him if he has a band that writes their own material.

  9. I mean come on people, he’s almost 60 years old if I am not mistaken. Great song though

  10. It just came out. And I like it. Can’t wait to see them play it live

  11. What is going on here? Can someone explain please. A new song release?

  12. Thank you so much, I’ve been struggling with this riff for a while

  13. So sorry for your loss, stay strong good sir. Life goes on indeed.

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