1. I strongly suspect that this is the work of

  2. Probably. These are the deep pocketed with nearly unlimited resources to shape laws in their favor and fight any attempts to reign in their practices, no matter if it is big Ag, oil and gas, energy, etc.

  3. Oh how quickly they turn on you. All it took was him being:

  4. If Warnock wins, which is looking increasingly likely, that will be the bridge too far for the GOP. The GOP has lost its mind, soul and humanity, at least the little that was left.

  5. Yes, made a big boo-boo in haste. My apologies. Corrected and thanks.

  6. Between foreign fraud and US fraud, one wonders just how much reached those for whom the loans were intended. Couple that with loan forgiveness of larger businesses and the lack of forgiveness for small businesses.

  7. Can we get a moment of appreciation for the brave russian citizens who told the truth to a kremlin poll?

  8. Indeed. I'm surprised it isn't lower considering how many were conscripted fodder that won't see the New Year in.

  9. Did Jamie Raskin specify who these people are? I think republicans and democrats are looking for different type of justice, accountability, and consequences. Republicans only care about Hunter Biden's laptop and Anthony Fauci. They don't think Trump and his cronies did anything wrong.

  10. There is a contingent of Republicans some of which served on the Jan. 6 committee, some who testified, some who are using media against Trump, who certainly are looking for consequences.

  11. Republicans will fall in line. They will be forced to give Trump the nomination or watch as he tears voters from them in a third party race. Faced with the end of the Republican party or Trump they will take Trump back in a heart beat.

  12. I'd say the Republican Party has been dead for awhile now. I had a very good friend, he died of ALS sometime ago now before Obama's second term. We would have really wonderful discussions/debates.

  13. You made me spit out my tea. Bravo.

  14. The political equivalent of the blind leading the blind? When there are movies made about this era, I predict this will be used for comic relief.

  15. Got to get rid of these Draconian laws.

  16. How about putting those that agree with these laws and voted to support them, and the scum that introduced these laws, on planes to Afghanistan. The Taliban would make them feel most welcome, they would fit right in.

  17. "The law and order party" is anything but. They only want to make other people follow laws.

  18. Laws for thee, not for me and it is especially true when money is involved.

  19. Old news? Posted from the Associated Press today.

  20. It's really obvious that almost all major religious organizations are political organizations first and religious organizations second it definitely fits with a lot of Muslim faiths American evangelicals and even the zionists.

  21. I agree, over time the blood spilled in religious wars is stunning. Religions seek power over people and governments, setting themselves apart and declaring themselves the one true path. Anyone, any other religion, any state that does not agree faces consequences.

  22. I really had hoped that was going to be our Port Arthur where the Conservative party finally decided to hold the lives of their constituents above getting re-elected and actually do something.

  23. Exceptionally detailed reporting with sources.

  24. Medicare become thrifty at an inopportune time...

  25. Meh, not really or significantly.

  26. Not near enough near as fast as needed, imho.

  27. Agreed, better than nothing and China isn't alone in reduction of pesticide use.

  28. We have a ton of housing, but it's all bought up by renting companies who charge out the nose.

  29. Private equity is also buying up mobile home parks, raising the rent, evicting those who can't pay - rinse and repeat. It is an assault on those with limited incomes like the elderly, single parents, etc.

  30. Specifically, white male landowners.

  31. I don't have cell service where I live believe it or not. So a fancy phone with all the features would be silly.

  32. Betsy DeVos contributed $500,000. to DeSantis campaign

  33. They are at least 60 years too late.

  34. Walker is a Texas carpetbagger, not a very smart one too. How is this guy qualified to be a US senator? Talk about the dumbing down of America.

  35. Well they have crazy high costs of living, and they work so many hours a week that it is hard to find time to date, let alone raise a family

  36. I can't recall the documentary but this is an aspect to the problem it touched upon. They are so focused on being 'successful', a lot of which is due to family expectations, there is little to no time for interaction with the opposite sex, let alone build a relationship.

  37. Yeah. Plus they have, to Western observers, some very bizarre and harmful cultural practices. Like being in before your boss and leaving after him to show you are a hard worker, sleeping at your desk is considered a good thing (as long as you don't overdo it) because it shows you are dedicated to your job, and more. It just sounds like pure hell to me and I would never want to work like 80 hours a week.

  38. Health care workers enter the chat.

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