1. Best compounds for that neural drive and mind body connection? I've read Masteron and Halotestin are best for this, any other compound superior? Or maybe just work as well?

  2. I will say it’s a really amazing drug for therapeutic use but when it comes to recreational use it’s terrible just makes u kinda manic and makes u start twitching. If u wanna use baclofen use it for it’s medical uses

  3. If you still have access to benzos.. taper as slow as you can.. be easy and go slow.. don't do a fast taper. Preferably with Valium (diazepam) since it's extremely long acting and stays in your system.

  4. Yes, I believe that's the Ashton method. The "gold standard" for getting off benzos, but I didn't want to use more benzos (well in this case, it will be less and less as we're tapering), wanted to find a way around that. Ironically I'm still looking for an external compound to put in my body so I can finally be free of Benzos. This is actually my plan b, guess I'm just pissed at benzos (still using though, because well, I'm dependent), but that is solid advice. I've made life choice and I have to live with them. Maybe a slow taper with Diazepam will have to be the way!

  5. Yea it's the best way.. whatever you do.. do not ever stop cold turkey or do a fast taper.. go slow if you have a prescription for benzos every month.. I'm in the same boat as you man.

  6. Thanks for the support and advice brother, you're a cool cat! Also stay strong, we're gonna make it through this!

  7. I’ve been traveling solid since 2017. Seen some of the most beautiful sceneries the world has to offer. From the US to Japan to Russian and back again. By far my favorite place to really put in work is still at your moms house.

  8. Let me guess, you're an internet comedian (and a bad one at that)?

  9. Beautiful city, it's a shame that it is so dangerous nowadays

  10. It's actually getting safer, used to be much more dangerous, sort of like NYC (used to be known as Fear city), but you are correct in saying it is dangerous still (but improving!).

  11. It’s not a stupid question but if you don’t know the answer to it you shouldn’t even be considering touching steroids

  12. Do you know the answer? I don't and am looking for it so I can consider touching steroids.

  13. Yes. The higher your calories the more strength you will have. If your only goal is strength then eat everything in sight High carbs pizzas burgers ice creams etc and blast and you’ll become pretty fucking strong (and fat). If you want to look good while getting strong then that’s when you gotta focus on proper macros, calories, cycle, training and recovery. These are basic things, if you start gear and don’t know things like this your results will be disappointing so wait, learn, build a base, then start. And my tip to you is if you want to look good, never start cycle if your above 10-12% bf. The fatter you are when you start the less pleased you’ll be with results

  14. Thank you for the respectable answer brother! I will do more research indeed, but once again thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  15. Other than Boldenone/EQ what steroids help with endurance and work capacity?

  16. It depends what you mean by "work capacity", but generally: all of them.

  17. As a Brazilian, that was the stupidest thing he could have done. His wife was smart and gave them a cheap ring, but he could of lost his life EASILY for a cellphone (it happens everyday, multiple times a day here in Brazil.)

  18. Thanks! So, estrogen is anabolic/ would crashing it with AI or Boldenone/DHT derivatives, make the compound (Test, Bold, DHTs, etc) less anabolic?

  19. Comparing MK to any oral AAS.. not comparable, oral AAS all the way

  20. Don't they have totally different mechanisms of action? Wouldn't it be an apple to orange situation?

  21. Before I switched to the real stuff, I liked it, averaged about 2% muscle gain per cycle. Not much, but did make a noticeable difference and helped me focus a bit more.

  22. All gear is anti-catabolic in the sense that they provide a higher base state of anabolism. However with the glucocorticoid receptor, only Tren and Anavar meet that criteria. So those are the only two that have an actual anti-catabolic mechanism outside of sheer anabolic load. So yes, recomp is best achieved with either, tren typically being toted as the stronger option, whereas Anavar has pretty much some of the lowest risk/side effect profile of any gear. Mast, Nandrolone, Test, Primo and Anavar are the only human approved compounds currently used, and have the best risk mitigation. A safe recomp would be test at 250-300mg, Anavar at 20-50mg, and a slight energy deficit by means of higher protein ratio (protein being more metabolically “expensive” to convert to glucose or fat).

  23. Not even Primobolan makes the cut? I’ve read it’s top notch for recomping (for those who believe in that), which made me think it was also an anti-catabolic agent, I was sure if it had a glucocorticoid or mineralocorticoid mechanism of action but thought it was an anti-catabolic agent anyways, maybe through an obscure pathway (possibly the same responsible for Masteron being anti-catabolic in my mind).

  24. I would just use time tested cycles at first and see what works and then branch out with your own ideas

  25. You would want to look more at mechanism of action, Mast and Anadrol are both dhts but work way different

  26. Thanks for the reply, this is what I was thinking of actually. Having on compound of every family tree seems overkill and like bro advice. It was offered on a forum anyway. What are some mechanisms I should be looking at? At the moment I have in my scope:

  27. What’s your favorite steroid for STRENGTH? You can give me an injectable and an oral.

  28. What steroids are ERb agonists? I know 19nors 17c compounds like MENT (Trestolone) have ERb agonism as part of their mechanism of action. Do other 19nors qualify for this description as well?

  29. What are some anti catabolic steroids with glucocorticoid mechanism? Popular ones in literature I’ve found are Trenbolone and Oxandrolone. Do other steroids have this mechanism of action? Other DHT compounds? I remember reading on Reddit that Primobolan has a pronounce anti-catabolic effect especially in comparison to its anabolic:androgenic rating, but that’s not scientific literature. Masteron has similar properties to Oxandrolone and Trenbolone, might it also use glucocorticoid mechanism? Other DHTs like Anadrol maybe? How about testosterone derivatives like Boldenone and DHB? Boldenone is known to increase huger, great for bulking but while maintaining lean. I don’t have experience with DHB.

  30. 1mg Clonazepam 0.5mg Alprazolan/Xanax, is what I’m experimenting with. Clonazepam is equipotent to Xanax according to scientific literature but last much longer making it great for GAD, it seems more beginning and functional, I can act properly on it, no motor coordination loss, no slurring, no memory loss, make me a little bit more upbeat and driven which is great for social anxiety too other than GAD, the length helps ensuring social interactions through the day. 1mg isn’t that potent, making it great to combine with another benzo for advantageous effects. I combine it with 0.5 (half 1mg tab). Though literature assures us Clonazepam and Alprazolam are equipotent, I feel Xanax is more powerful not just because of how it kicks in fast, but the anxiolytic effects also differ in my experience from Clonazepam. It’s much more anxiolytic in the sense that you really do forget about thought loops, don’t really give a fuck about what other people think, become somewhat more corageous etc. it’s also more euphoric, combining a small dose of it with a small dose of Clonazepam has proven to be a winning combo, take the 0,5 mg Xanax tab later on in your day as a booster and it also helps being less groggy during day/work, or at the same time as Clonazepam as the Alprazolam will hit immediately and the Clonazepam will, at least in my experience, carry on Xanax’s other characteristics much longer.

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