1. This is your regular reminder whenever things like this are posted:

  2. Any idea on if they'll still support hardware they've sold? I just bought mine earlier this year. Legends of the game these guys

  3. What were they? Tuner chips? It's shitty if they didn't have some sort of plan for support.

  4. I was thinking about just getting a genaric kit, what's the benefit of a costom wire harness

  5. I had one that would work off and on, but if you hear the pump your probably good. Do you have a code reader?

  6. I have tried Yale Conexis L1. Was unable to use it properly. Anything else out there?

  7. Well it was a decisive rejection of Trump policies and his influence. His hand-picked crazies lost big time, while his archenemy Ron DeathSantis won in heavily gerrymandered Florida. Now a civil war within the party is brewing. Those that want to remain with Trump and those who want to risk enraging the nutjobs by attempting to reject him to salvage 2024.

  8. Lmao you wouldn't know they were enemies in Florida, the number of Trump/Desantis flags are disturbing.

  9. That's why the movie is called GATTACA? Watched it in HS with a really cool biology teacher.

  10. There's a wall in jarassic park that has GATTACA written on all over it as well.

  11. Isn't Knox a bootloader thing? It installed fine on my phone. But like others have said, it's not your phone, don't break policy.

  12. biggest factor is rust, mileage doesn't mean anything after this long. Looks like south Florida? nvm cali, no idea about that market.

  13. I have a huge logo on my pc, I think I get more use out of her cricut then she does.

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