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  1. I would try to get another opinion from another rabbit vet.

  2. Thank you. So his back teeth molars have came unaligned which caused him ulcers in the tongue and check each side. As they are the back teeth they cannot remove them. So the options I was given is too keep the operations going every 5/6 months filing them down or putting him to rest. Luckily the vet who did his last op said today they have a new rabbit savvy nurse who can do the operation for me from now on as the one prior had only done it once before and a second with my little man.

  3. I’ve heard of people having their rabbits teeth done every like 4 weeks or so…I wouldn’t say needing treatment every 5-6 months definitely means his quality of life isn’t there anymore. You spend much time with your bunny, does he seem like he’s happy? I know it’s hard to know when to give up but I feel from what you wrote that there’s still diagnostics to run and things to figure out as long as your bunny is in good spirits. My rabbit savvy vet usually says there’s a cause for teeth issues that needs to be found by running thorough diagnostics. I wish you and your bunny the best of luck ♥️

  4. Thank you ever so much, you have been very helpful! I do spend a lot of time with him thankfully so there isn’t any issues other than the teeth! As they are unaligned it will keep happening. I’ve got an appointment next week with a rabbit specialist and hopefully can get a permanent answer! As of now he is still happy and healthy and running around with zoomies! I’ll keep everyone updated in comments :)

  5. I had a rabbit with this exact issue. We were able to take her in every 3 months for about a year and a half to get her teeth filed down to the point where she could eat. Unfortunately, over time she developed a leaky eye (like that one eye was crying all the time) and started having trouble eating after about 6 weeks from a filing and ended up in stasis from which she never recovered, we and ended up putting her down. We felt putting her in the carrier to take her to the vet was very stressful for her and putting her through the anesthesia every 6 weeks (or less) seemed cruel. I hope this helps, it was rough for us to go through for sure.

  6. Thank you for your comment, it has really helped me understand the situation more. Luckily for me the shaving them down will be around every 5/6 months however I know it will still take a toll on him. I’m facing a huge decision which is hard but I just want the best healthy life for him :( I’m very sorry for your loss. Thank you again.

  7. At this point I believe the biggest point to think about is will he continue to be happy and healthy after the operation or will he be constantly in pain having to go back to operations. If his quality of life will diminish then it’s my belief that as a responsible pet owner and as someone who obviously loves the little guy that you should let him rest so that he doesn’t suffer. I am personally not familiar with this situation so this is the only advise I can give.

  8. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it and will keep that in mind!

  9. My bun is turning 7 new years and he hates playing lol, only a few things here and there he will magically play but other than that he just chills and eats :)

  10. I knew someone back in the day that would buy bottles like this for syrup, but water it right down! Glad I noticed before I paid him. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t so lucky and it didn’t do much for them.

  11. Firstly I would try to trap and take them to the vets to look for chips just in case they do belong to someone

  12. I was waiting for the tube today, only me and a man by the doors waiting for them to open, no one getting off. When a man randomly ran infront of me and stood on my toes, to get on before me I suppose. I shouted in pain ouch excuse me, as I currently have an ingrown nail. Still never got an apology, only a dirty look and him still making his way onto it before me. Yes I must be the issue not someone with no manners!

  13. I work 12-8pm Commute is 4hours a day I don’t get home till 10pm, Monday-Friday. Not including actually getting up and ready for the day! :(

  14. My dog passed away 2 years ago. A year ago my cousin gave me her French bulldog as she couldn’t look after him anymore. As much as I love him, he does have weird breathing sometimes and is looking at nose surgery in the next year or 2. It’s a worrying thing, especially fireworks or if he is having zoomies! So we take extra care of him! Can’t have him getting out of breath just in case!

  15. Thank you! Since writing this she has become a lot more friendly and she gets along with the dog now! She sleeps inside on sofa all night (even next to dog) and adventures outside in the day!

  16. You are a great human!😩🥰

  17. Icky sounds like he was a great bun with a loving mummy, all of them memories made my heart melt. I am sorry for your loss and I hope you take care of yourself!🐰❤️

  18. I’ve always found the hammerheads and the blue tip reef ones the most annoying, attacks come faster in my opinion

  19. Just started playing on pc instead of ps4 and I love the fact the antidote is only 1pipi! On ps4 is 2! I’ve got so many shark repellents😍

  20. Literally not even a month ago my bun blue got stasis and was in the animal hospital for 5 nights, it was his 3rd time getting it and the worse. The nurse that he saw told me on day 3 it was a dental problem, his back teeth were unaligned and one piercing his cheek the other his tounge which caused big ulcers and was more likely the reason he wasn’t eating. He is 7 in December and my heart broke thinking the worse. But he had a dental done under anaesthetic and he is making a wonderful recovery. If u have any questions please feel free to message me :)

  21. I tried sleep but it didn't work. Not sure if it's cause I was playing online. Someone recommended exiting to main and going back so I'll try that

  22. I get this glitch all the time I’ve now stopped picking up the binoculars. Save your game and reload it up, I know it’s long but it doesn’t carry over the eyes :)

  23. His last meal consisted of a porridge with barley, flax, wild weed seeds, and some fish.

  24. Came to the comments just for this answer

  25. Not really a question, but a reply would make my day, absolutely love you and your shows/appearances! 🥹

  26. My bun had stasis about 2 years ago now, he nearly died on me so I took nearly 2 weeks off to make sure I didn’t loose him and he got better. Best thing I did, my lil man turns 7 this New Years and I’m forever grateful to have him in my life. I hope your bun is doing better, I hope you both stay well and safe! :)

  27. I’ve had a strange habit of calling my mum & dad by their first names for years, only to wind them up😂, but now I can’t stop it’s an addiction

  28. Personally I enjoyed the film, but I do agree it was a thriller than a horror!

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