1. There's an icon under the chat box that when you hover it says "Chat Highlight Settings". You can untick there.

  2. Omg I'm blind, ty. Do I need to do that for every channel I visit or is it my personal chat settings?

  3. It's your own settings, so it will be consistent across channels unless you change it!

  4. Depends on the category. Things like Just Chatting and I think Minecraft and other popular games with kids don't have that option. It's a safety thing, as shitty people were using it to find young kids.

  5. Doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t have any trolls or people who are inappropriate in my chat, so having someone message me wouldn’t worry me. I’m also not offended/bothered about anything so I’m not afraid of getting inappropriate messages. If I did get them I would just ban/block as necessary.

  6. Thank you for this insight and advice this is really helpful. A lot of my apprehension I am feeling does come from the anxiety of just not knowing who these people are, and if it is going to stay a nice interaction or if it’s going to take a turn.

  7. No problem! Remember that your comfort takes precedence and choosing not to personally interact with others in private doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Also any choice you make now doesn’t have to last forever. You’re free to change your mind at any time. The people who care and aren’t buttholes will understand. Anyone who complains probably isn’t worth your time. Good luck!

  8. That’s their default response, but depending on the amount of people invited to the program it can absolutely take longer. Up to a few days or so. I recommend waiting another day or two, and if it still hasn’t gone through then open a ticket with Twitch.

  9. Emulation is not illegal and is fine on Twitch. The issue is that downloading ROMs and files off the internet IS illegal. If you create the file yourself it’s fine.

  10. okay , this is gonnabe suck cuz i talk to alot of my friends on twitch , and i did try to create another account but i relised it was an ip ban , this is gonna suck but i'll just wait , thank you so so much for you replies tho <3333333

  11. Don’t create another account. This is considered ban evasion and will make it harder to get your original account back.

  12. Get a capture card with “pass-through”. Basically, it needs HDMI in (to connect to switch) and HDMI Out which connects to a monitor or TV. There is also a USB cable generally that goes into the PC to capture the gameplay and bring that into your stream software.

  13. You’d likely need virtual audio cables with something like Voicemeeter.

  14. The easiest is probably TriggerFyre as I think they support chat commands. StreamElements can do it, too, though I am not sure the process as I only use them for alerts and general bot commands. YouTube probably has some tutorials for that.

  15. Viewers can mean more money, more active chat, higher rankings in Browse and Search. Can get you featured on main page. Helps numbers to reach Partner status. Brand deals.

  16. There are several options! I’ll run down a few things that make it easier:

  17. Which is why I recommended reinstalling 1.21.0 from the installer first. So you can start fresh. If you don't have it, they did remove it from the site but you can find it here.

  18. Okay THAT worked now! You are a HERO. I appreciate you.

  19. Awesome. Glad it worked out for ya.

  20. Kinda sounds like a bad cable or a bad port on either PC or mic. Have you tried swapping either the cable or port used?

  21. I am indeed using OBS Studio. Not streamlabs😅

  22. Export an OBS log from a stream that was affected, or do a test stream to reproduce the issue, and then upload and link the log file here for us to look at.

  23. Okay, I’ll do so when I get up tomorrow morning!

  24. Feel free to tag me in your comment and I'll try to pop on asap and take a look.

  25. Use FFZ. Enable their emote menu. CTRL+Click the emote you want as a favorite.

  26. Probably a browser extension like BTTV or FFZ.

  27. I understand exactly what you mean. And I will for sure ask any questions that pop up.

  28. Generally, if you do a recording, it would be the same result as streaming. The only outlier would be your internet upload speed. Twitch supports up to 6000 bitrate, so if your upload speed is, I'd say, 8mbps or more, you should be fine.

  29. If you're referring to StreamElements sponsorships, here's a couple bits of info:

  30. Ok so your specs are fine, and using OBS is good.

  31. Ahh it's working just fine now thank you do much💯

  32. That worked, thank you so much! I just had to de-link it on Amazon and re-link it. Now the option showed up as a little box after hitting subscribe. Thank you!!

  33. StreamElements has something that should work.

  34. 100%! I was stressing about it at first, and even considered putting off accepting affiliate just to avoid ads. I'm so glad I went for it, though: no one seems upset about it, and the increased engagement (channel points, emotes) is worth it

  35. My viewpoint has always been, if they can't sit through a 30 second ad, they'll probably leave within 30 seconds of my stream anyway.

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