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Majid Kavousifar was publicly executed in Tehran in August 2007 for killing Masoud Ahmadi Moghaddasi, one of several judges of the Islamic Republic that collectively sentenced more than 3000 political prisoners to execution. He was smiling & waving in his final moments.

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  1. What microcontroller is that or perhaps development board?

  2. You need to make sure your sensor is connected to esp32 properly, this error happened when sensor was failed to initialized.

  3. That piece if garbage almost killed ducklings. People like these should have their license canceled.

  4. Intentionally making big time so as to match against noob players so as to easily get car key

  5. So I wait until a few hours left from the round, and I keep practicing in practice to beat the time given by top players. then play race before the round is about to end. I get better results this way.

  6. Wao that's just hypocrisy and racism at it's peak

  7. It's weird that online ones do when literally none of the local ones require a prescription. There's no such concept in Pakistan other than for the online shops.

  8. Prescription is required when you're buying special medicine. They won't ask you for prescription if you buy Panadol.

  9. Funny how they decided to host FIFA cup to improve their image. I think it's backfired as it just provides more scrutiny on how terrible their laws and rules are. There's going to be lots of arrests coming from spectators who don't care or don't realize what is normal everywhere else in the world is illegal in Qatar. Really, who would want to go there?

  10. I am glad they did it. Qattar is Islamic county and it's not allowed in that religion as well.if you want joy beer and do some LGBTQ stuff, sit back at home.

  11. Hatred will amazing to see, but once again qattar did good by banning beer and LGBTQ.

  12. Unfortunately we don't cover this in warenty.

  13. One of those times you just speak before you think. and then go fuuuuck

  14. Not sure what to do. i've downloaded the HTTPClient.h library from Github as well as directly through Arduino IDE.

  15. Not sure which board you're using but for esp32 it is included by default. you don't have to install anything.

  16. Fuck whole world, it's qattar we got our own rules.

  17. Note that your orange, blue and white wires do not connect to the screen, move them closer to the screen.

  18. those are touch control Pins and I am not using a touch Panel in this test.

  19. And then there's me who don't even have the cars to partecipate on mp2

  20. Don't worry. You're not alone 😀

  21. Oh God what am i looking at. Why people do it? Is there some sort of mental illness for that?

  22. He may have found a loophole in the platform's rules

  23. It was not his fault, he was not aware of this until I told him. Anyway, I talk to support they returned the money back to his account I cleared my funds and asked them to delete my account. luckily I was in contact with the client so he agreed to do a direct bank transfer.

  24. Well, that's Bollywood. Where gravity does not exist.

  25. I am goona kill W.bush for his crimes in middle east and i will be smiling and waving like him.

  26. There's been a few different types of bushes in the world that have had an effect on the middle east, can you clarify which one you want to kill?

  27. Do you need any more clarification? Where i live he is commonly known as bush dog.

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