1. yes but only if we stay in the same room after it gets dark outside.also, they keep singing along to the talks of movies on TV or even just us, so it's not super effective. But better than nothing I think.

  2. I'm sure you got ton of advice, I'll just throw my two cents:

  3. IT fame --> EN hunger, but IT fama --> EN fame.

  4. thank you! doing good now but it indeed was scaly mites! I'm really angry with the breeder. It took some trips to the vet and the birds got traumatised by it :(

  5. My skin is crawling. You're practically touching them and I can't stop wondering where, in your house, the mother and father are. Nightmare fuel.

  6. they are not moving, not bright coloured, not hairy. what's your problem? nightmares are another thing

  7. Well, what a "nightmare" is kind of depends on the person. My nightmare may not he the same as yours and thats ok. A lot of people have expressed disgust. What's YOUR problem?

  8. well what I mean is they're eggs, hence entirely harmless at this stage. Of course an infested house is a nightmare -I speak from experience- but I find weird that one would have a problem with touching those eggs. "by hand" is probably the most effective way to eliminate them (spraying the house is often less effective than one would wish for).

  9. Bless their wild borb souls. They are perfect.

  10. come on, these are all but borbs, they're slim and perfectly bird-shaped ^^

  11. It's down the road not across the street. For once in your life, do something right. /s

  12. uhm what? I think I'm missing a reference here


  14. ah yes I was thinking the same.

  15. Hi thanks for the help. I have a problem: everything went fine except its taking very long, but then in step 9, the Whatsapp in my Fold just jumped right into the "Profile info - Type your name here" page before the import hit 100%. The first time I encountered it I thought the transfer was completed but then when I look at the app there was nothing - no chat history.

  16. phew, I'm glad I didn't have to go through that.

  17. I have tried that trick as well (and quite surprised that I have so many large size garbage stored), and it didnt help :sss. It ended exactly the same, progress reset when >90%.

  18. Sorry for you. But think it this way: it' a good thing to clean up every now and then. It would be better to go through it before it's the last moment to actively save or delete everything, but even this way I guess it's ok.

  19. fuuuuuuuuuuuuch avete visto nei primi secondi, la passerella della barca piccola casca e uno che cercava di scendere cade, ed un'altra persona cerca di tirarlo su mentre la nave arriva vicinissima?! CREDO che ci riesca appena in tempo ma non si vede molto...

  20. Birds are sensitive to radiation, TV should be outside of cage about a foot to create some space from any possible flux of radiation they do not need..... The TV is not natural, really isn't good for humans subjectively, well a lot of objective studies too...I believe a radio a couple feet away playing noise and talking and music would be more beneficial than a TV.

  21. Source that TV casts radiation within a foot? Good luck challenging TV not placing humans or animals in hypnotic state and transferal of white and grey brain matter, education, with information is the benefit from TV not noise and sight/glow. Birds are sensitive to radiation and tv cast radiation, humans easily fall into trance w/tv alpha brain waves. I do not need a source in reddit, even if I did you clearly are not asking to gain knowledge you are stubborn and what did highschool or undergrad start telling you to verify sources....? A claim that is unfounded doesn't need a source, if you are already doing your own experimentation, you're unwilling to have basic knowledge then me pulling up academic sources would be a waste of time. Collect your data, hopefully ur budgie doesn't chew some wire, get some cancer or dulled mind.

  22. ehm, I'm sorry that you met so many closeminded people on internet. I really just wanted to know what type of radiation it is, how it works. Even just something like: is it by *watching* the screen that you get this effect, or is it something else that spreads in all directions? in other words, to be affected, do you [or budgies] have to be in front of the screen or anywhere nearby?

  23. an absolute mechanical horror and it would deserve to take over the planet when we go

  24. In casema tutta roba confezionata(bleh), cornetto, latte e cacao in polvere, marmellatina mono porzione e panino

  25. oddio che triste :( ma che caserma? cioè se vuoi puoi uscire e prendere cibo vero?

  26. postdoc and it's only the first time you cry? you were much more resistant than me :')

  27. I would ask if you're stupid but we already know the answer.

  28. Although it's probably, literally, a case of "username checks out"

  29. I hope you’re actually going to answer some of these, given it’s been an hour with nothing yet.

  30. Many people post, go to sleep and answer everything the next day. Or they're in a different time zone. She will come, just have your notifications up.

  31. Si vede che hanno assunto uno psicologo aziendale! o almeno un ottimo web designer :P

  32. Sorry, I answered in Italian because you seem to be at a quite good level.

  33. Ti posso dire che "escogitare" ci somiglia ma NON c'entra, viene da ex-cogito o qualcosa del genere, significa letteralmente "tirare fuori dal pensiero", "creare qualcosa dal pensiero".

  34. sorry how?? are you saying they take the pellet, go to the bottle, hold it there to soak and then ingest it?! wow

  35. Ho avuto (ho forse ancora, ma conto di essermeli messi alle spalle) grossi problemi con il mondo universitario.

  36. Grazie di aver condiviso tutto questo. Anch'io ho pensieri simili, seppur non suicidi. Ma da dopo la prima laurea. Vorrei soo dirti che l'insicurezza è una brutta bestia e non consegue da cose esterne, viene soprattutto da dentro. Ci sono cose esterne che possono aiutare, ma in primis devi 1) accettare ed ammettere che hai bisogno di aiuto, 2) attivamente chiedere aiuto, 3) continuare a ripeterti che non importa quante mosse hai sbagliato prima, l'unica cosa da fare "in ogni 'adesso' presente e futuro" è ricominciare a muoversi e convincersi che le ose miglioreranno, che ce la fai se continui.

  37. Unfortunately the vet refused to see her. I called ahead and everything, but I got there (a 1 hour drive), sat for an hour, and got turned away. They told me to come back at 4 in the morning. I’m pretty sure it’s bumblefoot because one my ducks has had it before and I’m terrified of doing that whole ordeal again. I’m very angry. She’s alright for now though. I feel so bad that she’s gotta go back in a box at the crack of dawn. Poor thing is exhausted.

  38. what the fug? what kind of vet works at that time?!

  39. A 24 hour one. Unfortunately the only exotic vet in my vicinity is a 24 hr all animal (except big ones) emergency service.

  40. Oh damn I see. Well then it's understandable. Here too, avian vets are super rare, I really don't get why.

  41. The stick insect looked like it was in pain for sure.

  42. How could you tell? EDIT except that it's missing one arm

  43. I see. Sorry for it, but I have no idea. The only guess would be of course that the wasp-like thing decided to have dinner with it. Maybe you can find a more sciency entomology group to ask to...

  44. So I’m middle aged, chubby, 5’10” with mousey brown hair and a double chin and look like every pedo you’ve ever seen. This guy, Jared from Subway, that weirdo with the foot fetish from Nickelodian, and not a pedo but a sexual predator Harvey Weinstein— all of ‘em and although I’d rather chew tin foil than spend time around children I can’t even order a Happy Meal without the police being contacted.

  45. Maybe an attitude thing? Smile, voice tone, shoulder position, and such things can be changed and make MUCH difference in terms of how people perceive you.

  46. I strongly hope there's much redundant "material". Or that there are some 4K or 3D things making up that space.

  47. Beh l'accessibilità (online) è aumentata credo quasi esclusivamente per via del covid (poi magari la gente continua a farlo volentieri anche in tempi senza restrizioni perché ha capito che è buona cosa). Ma quel che voglio dire è che prima di un paio d'anni fa non c'erano tante cose online e quindi dubito ci sia già un database che raccoglie tutte quelle disponibili. Anche perché magari son gratis ma un limite di partecipanti c'è, è proprio un limite informatico.

  48. What are "Basiji's in personal clothing"?

  49. Basij is a "a paramilitary volunteer militia" (Wikipedia's definition, which is true) established in Iran after the revolution by Khomeini. Nowadays, it consists of religious extremists who volunteer to do the regime's dirty work for them. These people are not official cops with training, but they are given GUNS, shockers and batons to beat up the protestors. They also wear normal clothing just like everyone else, and blend in with the crowd to give information to the cops. This is what I meant by personal clothing.

  50. Oh wow. In short, State-supported vandalism :( thanks for the explanation!

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