1. If that's supposed to be turnip head he's missing his pipe

  2. true, but the undershirt. tie, and red ribbon around the hat are identical

  3. Stardew Valley's creator, Concerned Ape, is a gem among gems.

  4. Ice cream sword takes quadrupole damage from obese 7yo child.

  5. If you put eyes on that ice cream cone, it would be Gon from HunterXHunter

  6. Redditors dreaming of a life better than their current one

  7. i am in rehabilitation currently and the day I went there this song was on the radio

  8. Good work my man. I can say from experience, the only thing you need to succeed in that regard, is to want it.

  9. instead of using the hatchery you can use the S+ propagator, which makes all dinos lay eggs, including ones that normally gestate.

  10. Oh? this sounds like exactly what i was looking for. The server im on is private Genesis 1 and so we cant access other maps to increase level cap past 100. Do you need a character level of 111 to craft it?

  11. Not from S+, but the terminal of the Dino Storage V2 mod has a "trap newborn" function. Convenient for mammals, but also for eggs if you can just let them autohatch in the incubator.

  12. So S+ doesnt have this capability? I dont have acess to admin to change mod settings so looks like im stuck? Thanks for the insight man.

  13. I don’t want to have to do another 4 years and double my debt, we’re already in a race against time, and that is not ideal. There are things I like and am interested in learning but none of it can get me a job in the coming world, things like music and business. Hell they can’t even get me a job now. I said Engineering and med school simply because those I know for certain won’t be replaced, for a while anyway.

  14. Get your degree. Take a trade class on automation and AI learning. Now you have a 4 year degree and experience in machine learning. You'll be in much better shape than most.

  15. I honestly wish I could go back to this person's knowledge of the game. It was fun not knowing what to do or how many ac units I needed or the meta to get to tek faster.

  16. But then he's off to trade his new cards for more fake ones for a "really good deal"

  17. Baryonyx because they can be leveled pretty nicely and one saved my life by sacrificing theirs☹️I named them bary

  18. Looks like we turn into Tali from Mass Effect for a but too.

  19. Not going to question what were you searching for...

  20. Fjorkhawk will change everything you know about the game.

  21. Be cautious, this user's first comment is from a month ago. New accounts selling miners are a red flag.

  22. Hi amigos!! All 300 thousand bounty hunters in the star system, how y'all doin'?!

  23. She's gotta let some cleavage out if she wants the good bounty hunters.

  24. Be cautious, this user just created their account. Their first post/comment is from a few days ago.

  25. The boy cries you a sweater of tears and you kill him

  26. Yeah i know well what im doing :) thanks for the heads up. I just wanted to discover what this scam was gonna be about… and yeah i dont get any reply anyway 😂

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