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  1. I think the highlights will improve if you push the darker values, to make more contrast, nice painting though!!

  2. I just saw this at a local grocery store last week, I almost posted it on here. Are you from Ohio?

  3. I hope so, I want to go back and get some and they stay that price because I didn’t want them to melt on my way back home

  4. true! but how about social clubs and stuff? i imagine it would be difficult it the majority of people there are speaking french not english

  5. the majority of students speak english!! there are many clubs to join, and people are generally pretty nice as far as I know. I am a severe introvert who never had many friends throughout my childhood, but was able to find a group here at McGill

  6. totally agree. I am in university right now in a different province with a lot of international students, and I feel like everyone already knows what we’re being taught in calculus while the ontario curriculum barely got into any of it

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