1. Half your plastic thread has snapped off in there. Just use needle nose pliers and expand them out and turn

  2. If all else fails replace the hose and shower head. You can buy the set in any DIY shop.

  3. Yeah I pretty much just bought a new showerhead

  4. I read this great book called ‘learning how to learn’ by Barb Oakley, also ‘learn like a pro’ by the same author, it really helped me, the second one has a series of YouTube videos that are great. Seems to be the trick for me to study for 25 minutes, rest for 5 and getting back to it.

  5. I'll look into this, thank you.

  6. I'll check all of that out, thank you for your answer.

  7. Need to use cookware that indicates it for induction…

  8. I had just moved in and I've never used an induction stove before so I couldn't figure it out,thankfully now I did

  9. The provided pans are all magnetic, I managed to figure it out, thanks

  10. It is September 2nd. Did you just move into this place? Possibly as a student?

  11. Yeah, I am a student and have just moved in. I had a similar thing back at home and thought I knew how to operate them but I couldn't do anything to get them to work. Yeah, a technician is coming next week for some repairs so I'll ask them.

  12. You normally have to pull downward at about 45 degree or more angle to the left or right to get the lock to disengage. It then should start moving.

  13. I tried doing that and it didn't work unfortunately. I'll try again later. Thank you for your reply.

  14. Just put in who's paying for your living expenses, if you're paying for them, put yourself, if your company is, put the company.

  15. I remember with my old laptop that I accidentally put the screen up to a very hot light and it ended up melting the back you could see what part of the plastic melted and there was a darker spot on that part of the screen.

  16. You should count yourself lucky that this explosion happened in your presence.

  17. Oh for sure, I'm thankful I was in the room when it happened.

  18. Ugh, my parents bought me a Lenovo for Christmas a few years back, and right out of the box it was slow. Over time it got slower and slower to the point where I chose not to use it as it was VERY slow to turn on and do any kind of updates. Turns out the one I got has this issue for the majority of that line (or whatever it’s called). It’s only like, 4-5 years old now and I very rarely use it as storage as I have a new laptop that works much better (and it’s not Lenovo lol). My parents even have said multiple times that we should have returned it when we got it and it was slow from the get go (and only got worse as time went on)

  19. Yeah mine worked alright when I got it in 2015 and only started acting up after the warranty ended, I want to get a new one but gotta wait a few months before I can

  20. Same here. At the time I was only about 16ish (somewhere around there) and I was just happy to get a laptop in general as it would be real handy for school and college coming up, it was always a little slow but as time went on, it just hit slower and slower (especially logging in). There were multiple times where I had to ask my dad for help to get the school to go from “lit black” to blue loading/updating screen before it eventually made it to the log in screen (which could literally take hours in some cases). Even after trying to make sure it was updated and had no viruses or anything (which it shouldn’t have and didn’t), it still just got slower. As a result, I didn’t really use it and it was only when I started online college (because Covid) did I get a new one and it’s a night and day difference! Looked it up and I’m pretty sure it was also a hardware issue for that line (it was an idea pad, just don’t remember the exact number).

  21. Oof that's terrible, though it's good you got a new one. My two friends also had Lenovo laptops that had hardware issues and one of them was basically falling apart by the end. I'm never touching a Lenovo laptop again once I replace this pos.

  22. Could you explain more? I don't quite understand what you are asking about.

  23. Basically, I create an accessory, enhance it one level, then leave and come back to enhance it another level later, but it just doesn't show in the enhancement menu anymore.

  24. You can only enhance for as many skills as you have available

  25. I love it, coming across a Tales of cooking blog that made recipes from the series a few years ago is what made me interested in cooking in the first place

  26. You did get ending B, keep watching past the credits

  27. You were playing as 9S throughout the route right, you're gonna get what seems like ending A, then you watch the credits and during them sth new pops up. If you're playing on PC though it might be a bug.


  29. I watched Sign years ago not knowing it's a part of a franchise and was so bored out of my mind that I dropped it. Last year or so I played GU Last Recode and decided to watch Sign after I was like halfway through volume 2, knowing the MC of GU is a character in Sign (his name there is Sora, it's not a spoiler since it's never directly mentioned) and i didn't only understand Sign and enjoy it a lot, it also enhanced my experience playing the rest of GU since I had also chosen a good part to start watching Sign.

  30. I think theres an issue on their side of things. Also cannot connect to network and get the red error when I load into the game. A few days ago I was able to connect just fine. Resets, other wifi etc does not fix it.

  31. Well that's just peachy if that's the case, you'd think with it being this close to Replicant's release they would keep their shit together and not fuck up the servers. I was wondering why player android bodies stopped showing up.

  32. Try to use other Internet connection. This happened to me on my home wifi, then for some reason it worked with my phone tethering

  33. Will try that tomorrow then, thanks

  34. Literally the easiest platinum I ever got lol

  35. Honestly I have no idea if there's sth like that but maybe

  36. I live in Jordan and while it's not as bad as SEA, there are still a lot of mosquitoes here and they always target me and me alone even when the house is full of people, the only thing that I found repels them and worked for me after trying all kinds of solutions is a menthol balm, maybe sth close to Vicks might work too, this is what I use if you wanna ask around in a pharmacy:

  37. As someone with a similar flat feet case to yours and trying all kinds of flat feet footwear ever since I was a kid, even the specialized Scholl ones and trying many kinds, Skechers sneakers with memory foam were legit the only shoes I could walk in for long distances without my feet hurting me, so maybe try that out or anything similar. Good luck and hopefully it works out for you too. :)

  38. Upside down pineapple cake, I would make it for friends gatherings since high school and they would always ask me to make it if there was one

  39. Nice work, blueberry pies are a favorite of mine. And latticing is difficult, but

  40. I'll be checking that out, thanks! :D

  41. Here you go, but you might wanna change your post title or sth since it's a spoiler

  42. Thanks for the recipe! Made it today for my mum's birthday since she didn't want cake and it's pretty awesome. :D I used milk instead of water, added a bit of vanilla, ground ginger, ground cloves and ground nutmeg, and used half brown sugar half white sugar (and mashed the bananas instead of cut them)

  43. I'm literally from the Middle East and black is the color of mourning, not orange, if you wear orange for mourning it's not even considered mourning

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