Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price charged with sexual assault amid ongoing felony rape investigation

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  1. I personally felt more agile and quicker overall. However, I did notice I lost a little muscle (vs doing P90X). Not enough to be upset though.

  2. I use iMovie to change things around one in awhile. Sometimes I even make the workouts more challenging.

  3. Like you edit/cut the workouts in iMovie to “customize” the workouts? Make them harder, more interesting, etc.? That’s pretty cool!

  4. Taking delivery of a MY Performance at the end of March in Northern California. 4680?

  5. The current supply of 4680 batteries are NOT a constraint for production of the Model Y at Giga Austin in 2022. Very good to news!

  6. Interviewer: "So is Mindhunter done as far as you’re concerned?"

  7. When I first started x3 as 25 year old guy, I only had a pair of 10s and 20s so that was all I used. They worked decently throughout the entire program, but eventually I had to buy myself a set of adjustable dumbbells so I could actually gain muscle and not stay stagnant. So if you can afford them, I'd highly recommend investing in a set of those. If not, you can probably get through everything with 10s and 20s, just be aware that while some exercises like tricep kick backs will utilize 10s well, other workouts(especially leg stuff in eccentric lower) You won't feel as much of a burn because 20s will feel light. You'll still get a solid workout but if you want the most bang for you buck, at some point you'll need to invest in something that gives you more options! Good luck!

  8. I agree with this advice. You can get by with several sets between 10lbs-25lbs but if you plan on working out long term definitely invest in adjustable dumbells.

  9. Very cool! How does the algorithm work here, if you can explain without revealing too much proprietary info? I plugged in P90X and Body Beast, 6 days per week, and there are several weeks with no leg workouts at all, and a couple with leg days back to back.

  10. Thanks! There's a configuration file that determines what type of workout is for each day depending on how many days you select to workout. For example, on day 2 of a 6 day workout week there are 3 different types of workouts that can occur, a plyo, cardio, or lower body workout. The algorithm selects the type of workout at random for that day.

  11. This is great! Do you mind if I use the dataset and add to it to create a Custom Workout Schedule Application?

  12. I lived in River City the last time the river flooded like this. The water got high enough to flow over the barrier and flood the parking garage. Killed power to the building for 3 weeks. The smell going back into that place was unbearable from 3 weeks of rotting food.

  13. Yeah the parking garage at River City flooded again and even flooded some cars that were outside near the marina.

  14. Forget about profits and even revenues for now and don't mention the possibility of an acquisition anywhere or anytime when pitching VCs. That's a huge red flag to them. They want to back moonshots ideas with founders who they believe can execute on those ideas, not founders that are thinking about selling.

  15. Not a "secret" per se but just how these large Banks operate. I'm sure other industries operate this way as well.

  16. Daydreaming/fantasizing of what I'd do if I won is A main reason I'm buying a ticket. Odds of winning the Mega Millions are about 1 in 302,600,000 or 0.0000000033%. "So you're saying there is a chance!" :) is another main reason why I'm playing.

  17. Thanks for the quick answer! The point is that I don't want to own shares of a start-up as a real person but through a holding company. The problem is that VCs are (rightfully so) worried about such structures and even if the holding company is located in a known, reputable and impeccable jurisdiction (UK- LTD or US-LLC) they'd (understandbly) worry about me selling shares of the parent company to someone else or letting people in the parent company (think marriage etc) which could cause all sort of troubles from their perspective .

  18. If you're doing this to attract VCs to show your dedication as a founder you haven't developed a strong enough relationship with your VC.

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