1. I did my colour analysis with Merriam and I am so happy. Over the last year I have saved so much money on makeup and clothes, it's already paid for itself. I feel of all the colour analysts, she is the olive expert and her colour system makes so much more sense to me than the season system. There were always colours in my season that didn't work for me (especially as an olive) and so it never resonated with me. She has lots of videos on YouTube and her website is

  2. yeah, I was training to be an instructor at a (non Soul) cycling studio that had an almost all standing out of the saddle approach before COVID on Schwinn bikes and was really surprised how unsteady the same pace was on the Peloton bike when I first got it

  3. The schwinn bike is my non-peloton at-home bike and what I originally learned on. There is something incredibly magical about riding oos to the beat. :)

  4. My little niece did. not. smile. I'm serious. She was a VERY serious baby until she was around 3 years old. Then she started laughing and smiling and hasn't stopped since. She's now 7 years old and an amazing, happy, social little girl.

  5. That's a good question. It was something we joked about and because she was hitting all her milestones we never felt nervous or made it more than that.

  6. I dropped the whole idea of seasons. It sounds like we have the same coloring and I found Merriam Style on YouTube and specifically her approach to color so much better. Within her system I'm "cool and radiant (olive)" and it's my perfect match. Purples, blues, pinks, raspberry, teal, white, silver, black... Generally my best options for colors are either dark, vibrant or the lightest whitest pastel versions of those colors (really light pastel blue, lavender and pink). My closest match for a colour season is one of the winters, but there are still colors in that palette that don't work for me (specially some of the greens and any kind of yellow). Hope that's helpful!

  7. I love Designing Miami. I watched it right after bingeing all five seasons of Selling Sunset and it was so refreshing to see actual design projects with a side of drama as compared to the opposite ratio on SS.

  8. I didn't see the video, but my guess would be ivory or oatmeal?

  9. I see vertical on you. I understand that you don't like the grey suit and I agree it looks stiff or constricting on you but I think that's because of the cut and fabric and I think the vertical accommodation of a monochrome outfit is flattering and harmonious on you. I would suggest looking at FN clothing recommendations which would emphasize vertical accommodation (so monochrome rather than color blocking) and some width accommodation- more open necklines and softer fabrics. I don't know so much about SD, but that could be another option within kibbe: vertical with some curve accommodation. You are gorgeous and ultimately it's important you feel authentic and connected to your own personal style.

  10. To my eyes the brown is the most harmonious and flattering with your skin tone. Check out the warm and delicate colors or the warm and radiant colors in Merriams system.

  11. I think SC is most likely for you. You seem overall balanced and moderate leaning slightly yin.

  12. My first thought too- soft classic!

  13. Very good idea with white shoes! I'll order some white mules and see how that looks!

  14. I completely agree with this- I think either white shoes or nude shoes would create a nice vertical. The black creates a break or disconnect IMO. I think the dress works despite the short hemline because of the long dramatic sleeves. It's gorgeous and you're gorgeous in it. You could also add a long veil to honor the idea of vertical in the outfit.

  15. Taking this on board! The shoes in the picture are emerald green and the choice was sentimental (fiancé's favorite color/nod to us both being from Ireland) but there's a pair of shoes that I really like in a shimmery nude which I think could really elevate this look- will be ordering them and giving a go!

  16. Well I feel like an idiot lol. I didn't notice they were green and like you've mentioned in this whole post/ thread, how something feels is WAY more important than how it "looks" to someone else. Please take my input as one person's opinion and if the green shoes bring you joy, then you should 100% wear them. Every time you see your photos and tell the story of why you wore green shoes, it will be amazing.

  17. I dont know... I have two dogs and we got our second one when the first was two years old. My baby is a year old so I'm familiar with all that comes with a new baby as well. The second dog was SO easy: female, didn't cry, toilet trained in a few days and just amazing. I think it was partly because she mimicked everything the older dog did and partly because she's an easy, good natured dog. I think if you're both home from work for a while or can hire a daily dog walker and/ or dog trainer then considering you want a second baby soon, I think you can do it and now is a good time. If you're going to be home alone with a newborn and two dogs, then it's going to be very, very challenging and I would say maybe not. Also a 16 week old puppy will probably be toilet trained and have some basic training in place compared to an 8 or 9 week old puppy, so another reason why this might be doable.

  18. I'll look for sure at the videos, and thank you for the insight!

  19. Just a side note, I paid to have Merriam do my color typing and I've gotten so much clarity and saved so much money on my makeup and clothing purchases. I feel confidant and at home in my (olive) skin. :)

  20. Everything about the first look is AMAZING. From the vertical accommodation, the neckline of the top, the length and cut of the pants... 🤌. Also the color, gorgeous.

  21. You are 100% cool toned. You look amazing in the blues, purples and pinks. The yellows, oranges and some of the reds do not flatter you. Explore cool tones and silver for a while and see how it feels?


  23. I think its because she's colorblocked and lots of detail/ prints going on. If she was doing monochrome looks the coats would overwhelm her.

  24. I don't see olive, but i agree with the others that you look cool and muted (or delicate). As a cool olive, if I wore that yellow I would look GREEN.

  25. Thanks! If you don't mind explaining, what do you mean by muted/delicate? I'm quite new to this...

  26. Sure! I've found this color system to be more helpful to me than the seasons:

  27. In Movement leggings. I've tried all the "replacements" and none of them feel right. I've tried ALL the current lulu leggings and aside from Aligns none of them feel right.

  28. Pro Tip: download the TSA app and you can see what the current wait time is

  29. I did that a few days before leaving and unfortunately it kept saying the airport info for OGG was not available. I'll keep the app to use for future trips though, thanks for the tip!

  30. I think you might be a radiant type rather than a delicate type... maybe warm and radiant bc i like the coral color on you a lot. Try draping the fuscia, bright orange, pale pink and peach to help narrow it down?

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