[OC] Who's the good boy? Artwork by me.

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  1. It's an old people way to communicate that increases chances of a reply.

  2. She made sure the seal didn't get her cell phone she dropped. Probably worried the seal would see her browser history.

  3. They just aren't trying hard enough. Quick, someone put name labels on all the area mice so the owl feels guilty when eating them.

  4. We had four years of boisterous braggarts declaring the greatest of all time for checks notes "pulling Dixie cups out of the dispenser and getting 2 for 1."

  5. It's standing right along side of it giving it a handy.

  6. Great work on the dog. The water looks great! You got rid of the child.

  7. The child had climbed up on the railing and the dog nudged it over.

  8. Is it better now or worse than it used to look? If you were going for the post apocalyptic homeless shelter, then it's looking pretty good.

  9. This modern version of "Leave it to Beaver" just doesn't sit right.

  10. R.J. Reynolds: "Send that man a coupon for 10% off a pack of Camels, ASAP!"

  11. Cutoffs from other work. Actual value probably more in the $200 range.

  12. Always consider cutoffs or scraps as regular wood when costing things out. Figure linear feet or area depending on the stock and then it is a percentage of that original cost.

  13. He's so bad ass he doesn't even need air in his tires

  14. Is it like Internet Explorer where I can use Apollo to install rif.

  15. Merging Lanes are then the shittiest design known to man because that's not how they work in real life at all.

  16. Most internet recipes severely underrate how long things take, i.e. water boils in 5 minutes, a pan full of sauce reduces by half in 10 minutes, chicken browns on one side in 2 or 3 minutes.... LIES! Everything takes at least twice as long usually. Rachel Ray and her "30 Minute Meals" is probably the worst offender. Decent enough recipes, but the timing is straight up fiction.

  17. Caramelized onions in 5 minutes? Oh he'll no! Try 45 minutes.

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