1. Even if she did that's none of our business

  2. I'm pretty sure this is about Emma Watson or some random girl they don't know. If you're going to have sex with someone then yeah it's in your best interest to know about stds and such. But not people you have no direct contact with.

  3. Ik sta al dagen met mijn tuinslang de Rijn aan het bij tanken!

  4. Because all the evidence points to no gods

  5. And the worst thing is... It's only the beginning and we're already too late to stop it. Extreme weather events are just going to become more common and more severe.

  6. Ripped my frenulum and there was blood everywhere

  7. Answered her phone because her mom was calling to check where she was. She was 34 btw

  8. Of course let's go undercover and bust the union busting

  9. "And this box is sturdy and well designed. We have a small seal of crusty ketchup stains and what appears to be dried lettuce."

  10. I like my right to bare arms too it's hot out

  11. Really been a great week! Alex Jones mistakenly sending over his phone contents and it getting forwarded to the January 6th committee and Trump getting raided and pictures leaking of the orange blob dumped papers in the toilet and the GOP getting tricked into signing a progressive bill filled with environmental protection laws and aid.

  12. The one who can take the biggest shit

  13. I'm just counting down until they throw his ass in jail and he's barred from ever running for office ever again

  14. If you believe this then you were already stupid

  15. "Ancient Roman plays were almost always performed during ludi (“games”). Because the Ancient Romans did not have weekends for times for relaxation or merriment games and festivals were the opportunities for them to relax and enjoy festivities, including the art of theater. Actors would perform tragedies and comedies for crowds along with music in the background, creating a lively and enthralling scene.

  16. Corn producers receive the most federal subsidies so farmers can grow corn very cheaply without a lot of risk.

  17. The church just trolled itself again

  18. The Holy Roman Empire, the place that's not Holy, not Roman and not an Empire

  19. It's already horrible that it's necessary to include policy in the program that states are not allowed to ban gay and trans kids from getting school meals.

  20. Full tactical gear... And these guys are probably just regular officers

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