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  1. i dont get the stats are boring and generic, like yea that's all ARPG's, plz give us an example un-boring stats, what ever that's meant to mean.

  2. From advanced stats in D2 - examples:

  3. Except, look at d2. Act 1 itself had caves, crypts, open fields, graveyards, the monastery (barracks and also jails), and Tristram. That was just the first act. What did D4 have in the beta? One dungeon repeated ad nauseam, one cellar that never changed, and the one cave-like area when you go to complete the quest line. The variety is sorely lacking when you compare apples to apples.

  4. I played all 23 dungeons in D4 beta and if you took screenshots from each I couldn't tell any apart.

  5. I don’t buy that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a spider web filled catacomb and an wood and stone barracks, or between an arcane archive and snowy wooden path.

  6. There is no way even blizzard devs could name a dungeon from a D4 screenshot.

  7. But ive been playing d2 for 20yrs and am scared all my experience will be for not in the new game reeeeeeee! (sarcasm)

  8. I just want to be able to play D4 for 20 years - if it had the longevity and depth of D2 (which it doesn't)

  9. You know when you enter a dungeon that has kill all mobs you can leave it and reset all dungeons?

  10. You are as likely to win a national lottery as you are to find a SoJ during leveling.

  11. I wish because Id be a millionaire.

  12. How does mob scaling hide the size of the open world?

  13. Without mob scaling the devs have to build areas for each level range

  14. But this is only really a semi-mmo. Depending on how long levelling actually takes, it may be a non-issue as you will probably easily overpower enemies at higher levels. Of course, everything depends on the end-game which is what I am waiting for.

  15. Finland has the highest happiness factor yet their suicide rates are high?

  16. The average lifespan of a new game for a modern gamer (includes games they like) is 3-6 weeks

  17. Elden ring was soooo good. Had never played a souls game before it and man, what a fucking experience it was.

  18. Elden ring is a once in a decade type of game. A masterpiece.

  19. First of all not all dungeons even have bosses in D4 some you just clear out specific or all enemies. Also the variety I am talking about isn't just the lay out there are a ton of unique dungeons in D4 based on the area the entrance is at and all you are looking at is the path you take.

  20. two things to take into conisderation:

  21. You mean you spam abilities at full build /s

  22. That is exsctly how d4 will play at full build

  23. PoE hardcore players can play PoE for what I care, I played PoE and quit after a couple of hours cause it was a horrible feeling to play and a mess to understand.

  24. PoE is not casual friendly at all.

  25. I agree. The game was designed for a more casual D3 playerbase.

  26. How can you miss mobs when they show very clearly on your mini map. Tunnel vision is a hell of a thing. Thats like the lesser pain, wait until you clear 2 of the 3 elites to unlock the door and have to backtrack all the way back to the first obscure 3 pixel wide corridor you missed at the start.

  27. How? Because some mobs have a delayed spawn - like ghosts.

  28. 150 dungeons with donut shape rooms connectee by paths with boss in the middle....

  29. I stopped goint back to town - only kept gear that i needed, was just throwing 99% of gear on the ground including legendaries

  30. Salvage for crafting mats and sell for gold. Also they’re upgrades prior to a certain power point. They also stop dropping once you don’t need them.

  31. I stopped needing them at level 2...

  32. Not a bad analogy, my point is you have openly admitted your own bias and preference and that you have your own rose colored glasses, you are still in love with the old product, therefore anything new will never live upto your expectations.

  33. Everyone has preferences - some people like chocolate ice cream more than vanilla.

  34. No but I would say someone who has eaten hundreds of gallons of vanilla ice cream who decided to try a spoonfuls of chocolate ice-cream that goes "oh man this is bad I don't like this it's not vanilla"

  35. But you said nostalgia and rose colored glasses before, and that is what i disagree with.

  36. As someone who can’t wait to start playing next weekend, what build did you find the best as a sorc?

  37. Hydras imo are the easiest "no skill" needed to beat all content in beta.

  38. As a Barb player yes, I'm working up a sweat on some of these bosses.

  39. I was hoping for quests related to them to give me a reason to clear them. Or did I miss those?

  40. I dont remember any quests in beta asking to clear strongholds

  41. I played in a group of 3, and while we found our share of Legendaries, it wasn't quite that extreme.

  42. It felt bugged, the entire dungeon was just dropping legendaries like candy

  43. Interesting... how do you find a group ? I never explored that aspect of the game...

  44. I played with my son - hit o - invite to group. Friends list from battlenet launcher shows in game

  45. This is a huge mistake on their part imho. It is by far the most concerning thing about the game. An rpg that doesn't feel like you're progressing is probably going to end up feeling pointless quickly.

  46. They won't change this - scaling is an easy win for devs to not have to create content for all levels.

  47. That is a characteristic of a MMO. Concerning that we cannot play offline single player.

  48. It's not though - look at all gen1 MMOs - Everquest, Asheron's call, Ultima online, Dark Age of Camelot - none of them have scaling.

  49. The sound design is insanely good too!

  50. Read somewhere here on reddit, that you're missing 'Hell' which is just as big.

  51. Just as big as what? The entire world?

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