1. I get it. I'm vegetarian so I know it's not my diet. And I'm about 20 lbs. Overweight, which is something I've been working on for over a year by working out and intermittent fasting. I'm so embarrassed over the flares and now I have this ugly scar on my left breast because I dealt with doctors who had no clue what this was and basically just did nothing.

  2. I have. Before my diagnosis I had pus weeping out. Then it would stop and become inflamed and painful so I would mess with it. That's when I noticed the tunnels. 😝🤢 Once I saw my dermatologist, she said to use warm washcloths until the inflammation went down. And if it started leaking, I had to call her and get a round of antibiotics. For now, I'm supposed to wash with antiseptic soap and use Clindamycin gel on any new spots. Idk if this was any help...

  3. Right. I like my dermatologist but I didn't get many answers when I was diagnosed. My next appointment is in July. I refuse to talk to my PCP about these issues because she knows absolutely nothing. But the scarring is so embarrassing, on top of everything else I have. It's like my body is telling me I shouldn't be here.

  4. I had this happen to me too. I'm T1D, and my Dr said it didn't have anything to do with my diabetes but then the ER Dr said the swelling could be due to my glucose levels being out of control. Idk if you're even diabetic but I do know that Ted hose worked great and then they put me on 40 mg of furosemide (water pill) and within a couple of days, I was back to normal.

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