1. Pig nose with a lip all day!!! 😍😍😍

  2. Makes sense, supply and demand. For a clean example that has been preserved for so long (30+ years) 10k I think is reasonable. You want it buy it if not don’t cry about it.

  3. She’s a lesbo. She needs to tighten up.

  4. Mom’s a Beluga just like her. Calling someone a loser? Smh

  5. She needs to step back into reality. Needs to be more humble.

  6. Wide body that bitch and send it

  7. Looks like a Kia Gulf R with a euro front end swap

  8. taxz says:

    you wont get 15 for a v6 unless you're in southern california.

  9. You’d get 15k if frame is dry no rust

  10. Just cut 2 holes in the floor board so your feet can make contact with the ground. +700 HP!

  11. Fucking sick! I’d be more fascinated by this car then a exotic car there. And it’s mint!!

  12. It’s the life of buying someone else’s project.

  13. I have Silvers coilovers, have no issues with it!

  14. I wish they towed away vehicles this nice in America. They don’t give af here. 😂

  15. Best chassis ever made! Enjoy!

  16. Sorry to hear you had a migraine I know they suck! For me after 3 and half weeks I'm starting to feel myself again. I had all the same symptoms as you said. Be kind to yourself, take it easy just do what you can. If you need to sleep then have a nap your body needs it. I'm no expert I'm still tryna work things out myself too but I hope this helps and I hope you feel more yourself soon :)

  17. Thank you very much. Your message definitely gave me hope and strength after reading it. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I was in a grey zone almost trying to figure out what was going on. Its been a few weeks now and the headaches have suppressed. I feel much better and starting to feel myself again too. As you stated taking it easy and being kind to myself was crucial, and that goes to everyone dealing with these types of headaches. Hopefully everyone can overcome their migraines. learn their triggers, and get proper treatment. Godbless!

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