1. Some 1SG told me you can get non paid retirement credit for going to your unit for business related stuff. I forgot what he said exactly, but I assume it's through the readiness nco.

  2. lol "the wild west" had major gun control policies when in town

  3. The cowboy shoot em up movies of the 40s-60s convinced everyone there was a gunfight in town 5 times a day.

  4. Could do a CCP this way. Bring the medic all the down guys and get em back up.

  5. And the troops in the back can't see your PowerPoint slides...what font did you use?

  6. New Policy: All PowerPoints will be encrypted using wingings.

  7. I couldn't believe it when I heard. He had such an uplifting presence about him. I think he's the only officer in those large formations (before a brigade run, change of responsibility/ command) that I actually enjoyed listening to give a speech.

  8. It's sad. She barely touched it before it was thrown to the ground.

  9. Damn , everyone in the military must be gay then.

  10. Yeah and no bipod deployment on Bren, wtf.

  11. I was wondering why I couldn’t deploy it

  12. I thought it was just a stupid balance thing because I was an auto rifleman, but I switched to MG and had the same issue.

  13. Maybe a faux attachment to house a battery?

  14. I was up in this spot holding it down just yesterday. Great spot.

  15. The one that stumps me is the book about Jefferson and the early republican party. You would think they would ban all Federalist literature instead.

  16. Need LC-1 LBE, M1 steel pot w/cover, and m16a1 w/ 30 rounders.

  17. It's like they're climbing in Blade & Sorcery.

  18. What the hell are the "other" ingredients?

  19. I feel like I saw a few subtle nods of approval after the first bite.

  20. They need to do some reworking of barbed wire and barricades to make them fit in more spaces. There's no reason wire shouldn't be allowed to curve and hug terrain. I'm thinking instead of 4 sections of wire, engineers get 50 meters to do with what they please. Place a start marker with wire, move to where you want it to go, press another button to make a turn point, keep going, press another button to end the wire.

  21. Hello, fellow sapper. Tying into terrain is damn near impossible lol. It's a little better than before, but it's still not the best.

  22. This would be amazing to lure people outside the patrol base . Another option is to surround them and have multiple people using them. Initiating an ambush with this would also be terrifying. The possibilities are nearly endless.

  23. Maybe they'll all quit drinking and perpetrating domestic violence.

  24. The title made me think of this song, was not disappointed!

  25. I love when people "monster mash". Like Jrotc kids at the St Patrick's day parade.

  26. My jumps mysteriously disappeared from DTMS. I only have my paper logs from school and the last few. I'm supposed to have 27.

  27. Reminds me of leapfest in Rhode Island.

  28. I was thinking the same. Is that still held? I was trying to tell a former HALO qualified 82nd LRS-D (mid-90s) guy about it.

  29. Yes, it is still a thing. I was on the website like 2 months ago. I haven't jumped in years, and I am itching to do it again.

  30. How was it scummy, exactly? Proper procedure was followed after an electoral tie but you have some kind of personal issue with it?

  31. Allegedly, Henry Clay had used his influence over 2 states to vote for John Quincy in exchange for the secretary of state position in his administration.

  32. They are looking to bring back the entire 19th century.

  33. Next, a repeat of the 1824 election.

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