1. Crafts are better for my rotation, but I might not keep either tbh

  2. I'm a UK 9 and have a pair of Archives in Women's 11.5 (Mens 9) - They fit alright but I do get a bit of heel-slip so I'm actually gonna try half a size down on these.

  3. from a value perspective, $2300 is valued more than $2000 lol not sure what you mean

  4. Copped the canvas, excited that they look like a neutral grey low with more flair. We'll see how they look on foot

  5. Tried for a size 10 right when it popped up and took an L. You guys think shock drops are random or first come first serve?

  6. I copped size 10, you can have em if you want DM me

  7. The link for the domain switch was out there early in some places, so if you opened the site at 11 you were already a minute late

  8. Sail has more flavor, these have more stain resistance and we're more limited hence the more popular shoe

  9. The estimated value for used shoes is whack, people interpret it to their advantage every time

  10. 4s are the least comfortable of all the Jordans I own

  11. I know this has been asked before, but did you size up a half size for your 4s?

  12. No, because I don't need to. TTS works for my foot. That's not the issue, the shoes are just uncomfortable

  13. To everyone down voting, I'm open to offers or suggestions on fair prices. I don't bite lol

  14. people just downvote market prices here, if you don't offer homie discounts they get salty

  15. I'm there too, but I still put all my shoes on there because everything has a price. If someone wants to send me an offer that's heavily in my favor I'll move something. Unless we're talking originals retros from the 80s and 90s everything can be repurchased

  16. Nike air on the back and these are $600 shoe

  17. It's how the material is, also nobody cares about creases if you are trying to wear them

  18. This is a cool flannel where did you get it

  19. super clean rotation, fire red 3s are the best 3s ever imo

  20. Wow those New Balances look great. What model is that one?

  21. Even if I like UNC blue, I still would rather have 3 amazing shoes over 1 rare one

  22. Don't buy she's because someone says you should have them. If you mean along the lines of popularity, comfort, and wearability...Nike dunk low, AJ4, New Balance 99X, Yeezy 350 or 700, and Vans Old Skool.

  23. I could be wrong since I don't own this pair, but AJ1 size tag usually isn't stuck into the sockliner like that

  24. I have the Desert Moss and love them, very underrated colors for the Union 4s...that said I'd rather have the Off Noirs so it just comes down to whether or not you like the 3s and will wear all the pairs

  25. I can’t tell if you are showcasing the shoes or the shirt. What does the shirt say anyway? I’ll give the fit a 3 but fuck what people think. All that matters is that you feel good about the fit.

  26. I wasn't really showcasing anything, just trying to get a full body pic that shows everything. The shirt says "defund the HOA"...wife got it for me for Christmas because I hate our HOA.

  27. You're right, I just wasn't trying to be that crisp

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