1. My music seats in a NAS setup at home.

  2. Walmart has plenty of good cheap thermal clothing - when i did my cross country trip this was my go to whenever it was getting too cold.

  3. that's exactly the right answer.

  4. Jan 23 2023 - Still not working.

  5. I would have that for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  6. Does it have to be "Holy" before every book's name?

  7. Please do At any time you see fit.

  8. the truth is that you look sweeeeeeeeet.

  9. Dollar Family chain sells Old Spice's Swagger for 60% of the OG price under their brand-name.

  10. Encourage more Motorcycles on the road - make traffic better for everyone.

  11. Didnt know these thigns even exists.

  12. What a coincidence, we're both the happiest when you're naked.

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