Fuck it, here's a list of absolutely everything either removed or downgraded from previous games in 2042

You got me stone faced

I needed this today

The process of taking a painful L

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  1. If it was for any other religion then you would have to worry, it's a hindu god so chill & enjoy wearing it.

  2. Fffffk. I thought it was 11 September. Use the correct date format -> dd/mm/yy

  3. Looks like Sladi Slivki. Definitely has the same skills

  4. It's very very easy if you have the retribution pommel

  5. I think that's your player's health bar. May you had a little damage in second one ... Not sure

  6. Also he walks faster when moving an entire bridge than when carrying those blue light crystals

  7. Beating baldur is easy & also quick if you remove those cutscenes in between

  8. Anything that we can get for like $2-3. I'll get way more if it was $1 for finishing the current game 🎮

  9. I remember these things used to be insanely hard when i first played now they are too easy 😃

  10. I remember first time i played it on ps4, i got tired of losing to her & just went exploring to get better gear.

  11. The one's in sideswipe, they'd beat an ssl in that game 😬

  12. Take away half their boost for next game, 50 boost max.

  13. Slow down & observe, take clean shots & always try to land smoothly to maintain momentum. This helped me to get out of plat.

  14. Has anyone tried playing against bots in sideswipe, those damn things are like SSLs on expert mode

  15. I never played BF5 much, played a lot of BF1. After playing 2042, i want to go & play BF1 again. That game was so much better in every way.

  16. I wasn't aware how bad the situation was until today when i saw the price of a card i bought in 2019 for 23k selling at 56k after 2 years.

  17. First fennec now this this. NICE, now we need TW octane soon in shop

  18. My approach in 3v3 is play a bit defensive & hit only good ones or something i can pass to teammates in the right place, that has helped in diamond

  19. This or There can be another tab which lets you select the item colors for all items that you have on your car

  20. I thought my controller or PC was having issues, it usually starts working if you tab out of game & tab in again for me

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