Accident while doing a TikTok

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  1. 7 times hotter than the core of the sun, just remember. the surface is only 5000°c

  2. Good call. Point is, it's REAL hot.

  3. Update: He died today, around 10:30am, around 3 hours after we found him unresponsive.

  4. Do you wish you never met him? Of course not. So you are stuck loving and losing.

  5. Why would they willingly and openly admit to this as if nothing is wrong with what they did

  6. Sir. With all due respect, you are a dumbass.

  7. Instead of posting on Reddit, go see a doctor. Why are people like this?????

  8. Sorry.. Flynn Rider?? Is that you??

  9. My ultimate goal: being compared to a badass Disney character. Thank you hahah

  10. You are so regarded, it's not even funny

  11. This photo in of itself is mildly infuriating. It looks like tape! I was like "well no shit it's not working" 😂

  12. Ok, but this doesn't matter at all at the end of the day. They legally can't deny you from going to the washroom. Throw it out or use it up and still go. Once they threaten to suspend or expel you, threaten them with a lawsuit. You'll win that argument real fast, and they'll get rid of this bullshit even faster.

  13. let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  14. That Door dash sound triggers my fight or flight response.

  15. Wowww amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, very nice to know this quality of results available in Ontario!! (Edit: just saw it’s Montreal but same difference lol, that’s the only option for bottom surgery as an ontarian anyways)

  16. Thank you very much, I appreciate it! And of course ❤️ It's totally not impossible to fade the scars to almost nothing if you take care of it correctly and consistently, and i'd imagine that goes for bottom surgery as well.

  17. Aw congrats again so glad to hear it went well! And good to know as I’ve heard mixed things about Montreal so that perspective def helps :)

  18. Did they not check the weather

  19. That must've been one epic shit

  20. This is the exact opposite of a Michael Scott move.

  21. I live in Canada and we have a grocery chain here called No Frills, and for a second, I was there like "Since when did No Frills do haircuts????"

  22. My girlfriend said she bought it from Walmart last year. Holiday Time is the brand.

  23. ok next question. what do you think it is and what does your girlfriend think of is? 🤔

  24. We both agree on the cat, but I understand why people see a dog a little more than her, lol.

  25. As a Canadian, I took this personally.

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