1. Very clean spec! I have a 2011 335i Msport that I got stock 4 months ago. Looking to tackle my performance mods and exhaust setup next. Do you mind if I ask what mods you’re running + your exhaust setup? Been thinking of going the catted downpipe route.

  2. A lot of y’all are pretty harsh here. I think it’s a nice note with a little gift too. And yeah, sort of asking for more money, but I really don’t see the harm. The only kind of gratitude you can get as a DoorDash driver is by being different than all the other drivers, not just being another faceless bag thrower.

  3. I agree. I see OP’s point but I doubt the dasher was thinking he was going to get more out of him/even saw the tip in the first place. This is just a card he throws in with every delivery to try to get a tip if someone feels the need. I personally think it’s a waste of money and the return can’t be THAT high + it seems like a lot of effort to begin with. However if I received this, agree with it or not I wouldn’t go as far as posting it online and it knocking on the man for trying to get some extra cash during the holiday season.

  4. Which holster did you end up going with? Currently in the same predicament.

  5. I have the same light on my Glock 19. I went with tieroneconcealed

  6. Which exact model holster did you go with? Was thinking of just going with the basic Axis Elite

  7. Thanks for sharing! Gonna stop by and get one today. The new office is at the bookstore right?

  8. I do this shit rather frequently. I've been through 4 reddit accounts, 2 instagram accounts, and at least 6 twitter accounts. Although, I do like the fresh start it gives me after doin it lol

  9. I thought this shit was just me. I feel the same way, I’ll have a social media account for a minute and one day I’ll quit randomly or just delete it and restart completely. It just feels refreshing for some reason.

  10. Tyler’s taste in cars is impeccable and from what I’ve heard, he’s super nice and knows about the platform he’s driving. I’ve seen videos of him pulling up to meets in his E30 M3 and man is his spec clean

  11. Yeah I know but I was curious if anyone had their specific social media handles or something. Would be cool to see more of their work + show support.

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