1. Good looking out. Hopefully a fellow Kingdom member in need can take advantage and have a little holiday cheer as Pat and Trav light up the scoreboard.

  2. No they don’t. These people prey on elderly and casual people who generally don’t know any better.

  3. The bestbuy one is better because Walmart is evil.

  4. Best Buy scalped their own customers during the GPU saga. I wouldn’t exactly say they are innocent.

  5. I can only speak as a former Walmart employee. They're abusive to their workers, and a drain on any local economy. They're the largest welfare recipient.

  6. Not even bring a screen up saying no CPU, RAM HDD detected?

  7. I've ordered a ton of Like New stuff from Amazon Warehouse and they've always been solid. As in, still smells brand new solid and haven't had a problem. OP got bent with this one for sure.

  8. I've had a 50-50 experience. A few months ago for about a week (not really sure why) all the like new was showing up 20 to 25% off with coupon on top of the Amazon used discount. I spent quite a bit that week on stuff. All in all I spent about $1500 for about $4500 worth of merchandise. Half was actually like new, the rest was a crap shoot. There were issues from missing accessories to receiving different obviously well used products inside the correct packing.

  9. Get yourself a usb A to usb 2.0 header. You’ve got an open USB 2 header on your MB and you won’t have to run a cable externally.

  10. As you can see in the screenshot, only cpu11 seems to be using full 90%


  12. If you’re rated for 35 Mbps and you’re getting 5.20 MBps you’re actually getting higher than advertised.

  13. 17 years.. that’s about the time I did my first Windows XP 64 bit build. Man that was a dumb idea at the time.

  14. Doesn’t matter. Minus some cosmetic changes and a kernel scheduler change for 12th and 13th gen intel CPUs in Windows 11 otherwise they are basically the same.

  15. HP uses a variety of SSDs in their laptops during manufacturing. The same model could have two different manufacturers if they purchased drives from different vendors.

  16. You need to upgrade both at this point. An upgrade to just to one will bottleneck the other.

  17. Out of curiosity how would you propose a service be able to provide the data storage and bandwidth for free?

  18. With a free tier at least, it exist. It's called GeForce Now

  19. No issues like that here. Have a Windows 10, 11, and server 22 builds with no issues.

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