1. when my bf first moved in with me he very clearly said "I am not really a cat person" then he proceeded to have the cutest bromance with one of the cats.... long story short he's now a cat dad!! maybe have him spend time with the cats if he doesn't already?? total deal breaker to actually tell you to get rid of them

  2. Had found some info years ago that it could begin with the letter N

  3. Had an issue this morning too. Opened up the web page in an incognito tab and it worked fine. Was super annoying though.

  4. Definitely has a purrsonality to him too! 🥰

  5. I switched brands of polygel to modelones & loooove the product so much more!! I also lightly buff the nail, wipe it with rubbing alcohol and apply the vase coat. I cure the base coat for 10-15 seconds to get it tacky. Also helps to make the end of the nail a little thicker than the top.

  6. Maybe he's moving to Chicago with Rachelle?

  7. JP is one of the lamest things in this game... especially done in ranked 😑 its not seen a whole lot but when it does... ugh. Bonus anti-jp clip 😶

  8. I don't like your Tyrande idea, tbh. It would be broken as a level 1 talent. It's already the strongest pick. If the heal was to be added, she would require much more changes to make it balanced.

  9. I love going "owl build" but the few times have played her recently.. have been flamed for taking the talents. I prefer it over the stun at least. It would be broken if you're good at timing. Would also be cool since there isn't a healer with long-range heals. Idk thought it would be interesting. =)

  10. I take the stun 99% of the time, but I can understand wanting to go owl build if you're confident with it.

  11. I totally forgot about Ana tbh haha. I guess yeah, it would mimic her eye of horus.

  12. It's so silly. Our (Maine's) Veteran plates used to have a V stamped on the plate .. I've seen V agina & V ageatr.. couple years ago they changed those entirely 😂 Such a waste of time.

  13. stop trying to make fetch happen, it's not going to happen

  14. The green and orange work for me, but changing it to the blurple one makes it go pink :(

  15. all there is to say about this pic is azmo has a great name

  16. You could just get in a party of 2-5 and everyone randoms...?

  17. Id take malthael or thrall. Imo thrall's rolling thunder and follow thru are great against the beef. Also means if you use of those or other heroes only to counter chogall, dps is stuck solo

  18. I'd be a lil peeved if there was a 6 month account with the crab, raptor, technolope etc. ranked mounts. Nope. Would like more celestial or "cool" mounts available for purchase though. Also the spider mounts were done through a Facebook event and not ranked rewards.

  19. As a Deckard main, YEEEEEESSSSS!!! can't say how many times I'm going "just go in there's soooo many pots!!!! Well you would have lived" Even last nite a ming dying from luna poison tele-juking a shield pot 🤣 so annoying but w/e!

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