1. Any 5 guys. I mystery shop them and a bathroom inspection is part of the assignment. In 10 years I have never ever found one that is not clean, fully stocked, and smelling good. I have done hundreds of shops.

  2. Toronto folks just stare at the wall of their apartment. No friends, too expensive.

  3. try to spray some boot protector on your shoes, makes them last longer. and if you see an unshoveled sidewalk always take a pic and send em' to the by-law community website.

  4. Frost on the inside of the windows of your car is related to dust and cleanliness, any window cleaner and microfiber cloth will work wonders.

  5. Sorry if i don't get the terms used haha, what does this have to do with baseball?


  7. If you are a dude, any of those restaurants along Barlow known for their "high performance recruitment practices".

  8. "Getting your foot in the door" at an oil company never works. You will be in that clerical job forever unless you are already connected.

  9. Frost fest near southland station last year was pretty cool. Music, ice carvers, food trucks, Jack Frost on stilts. Family friendly event.

  10. Jon Hamm's hair implants make it so much easier.

  11. Spagootchies on McCloud tr. Citca 92' , 3 Cheers , Coconut club and the shark shack on Electric avenue around the same time. The crossroads , The warehouse/underground, Jimmy Dean's , Stavro's and The Mezzaluna. My liver will never be the same.

  12. What was that hipsters paradise called across from the rise and crown just off 13th ave?

  13. That’s interesting. I’m a brown guy living in Calgary and while I’ve mostly dated Indian women, on the rare occasions where I dated white women they were always either from Ontario, BC or Europe. Never had much luck with Alberta born white girls, but I also don’t share any interests with them (don’t listen to country, don’t care about hockey). So maybe this answers OPs question.

  14. Middle class and above Calgary white girls never date out.

  15. Some do, but they’re almost always…how do I say this…lacking in the looks department.

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