1. Yes! I have that (very overplayed) vinyl in storage. Had never heard anything like it - designed to rumble bass louder than the drying machines in the laundries!

  2. I had three albums that got me into electronic music. That one and these two....

  3. isnt that a looot of plugins in some way? even serum has ai functions like resample to osc a or b. At least i think its ai.

  4. An oscillator resample function is definitely not an AI driven process. I do not believe SERUM has any built-in AI; it is just a wavetable synth.

  5. I don't know, does Melodyne use AI? I think its quite amazing but I've never really stopped to think if its specifically AI or not. Its just a great tool.

  6. Melodyne does not, as far as I'm aware, use any AI in its process; it's just a really well designed fourier transform process.

  7. Is it possible you loaded a stereo IR into a mono instance of SD? That would probably collapse the stereo signal, which could quickly create audable phase artifacts, depending on the source IR.

  8. Yep. That’s probably it. I have the balanced IR and a mono instance of space designer. Would I be better off with a mono IR or just going with the mono-stereo instance of space designer?

  9. If you're feeding SD with a mono signal, and the IR is stereo, I'd go with full stereo SD and use width reducers (Utility loaded as dual mono, set to M/S, and turn down the Side volume) if it's too wide.

  10. Just use the MIDI FX Modulator thing with Random LFO shape, and play with the Output Level and Offset to adjust the position and depth, Symmetry knob (which turns into a smoother control I think) and Rate.

  11. That's what I do for software instrument tracks, but it isn't an option on audio tracks.

  12. You could route it to an Instrument track by sticking a stock comp/gate on it, selecting the audio track as the side chain and turning on the side-chain monitor. Then you can stick all your modulatable effects after that comp/gate and use the MIDI FX.

  13. Click the effect busses in Mixer view and hit ctrl-t to create a track in the workspace. Do that for each of your effect busses, now they'll print separate tracks when you Export.

  14. You have to load the ARA version in the top slot of the effect chain. That's the only way the instant transfer will work.

  15. Yes, I see words. Some words following some words, and other words before other words.

  16. As other folks have correctly said, they were effects from the old Alchemy.

  17. The default grid in Delay Designer is 16ths, so you just need to move the 1 delay line in the Factory Default to the 5th 16th position. A little popup shows the positions in bars:beats:16ths and you want a delay line on 1:2:2.

  18. Perhaps I should have defined the word "problem" a bit more clearly.

  19. Sounds like digitally generated harmonies. No vocoder. Copy one vocal to different Melodyne (or any pitch altering software you have - you can do this in lots of DAWs, Flex Pitch in Logic, or Vari-audio in Cubase for example) instances and create the different harmonic layers in there.

  20. Checked this one out here but No fuckin clue how to install it as im a scrub and prefer to double click an installer haha so ill try this one out when i have a bit more time to fuck around with getting it installed lmao cheers for the recommendation though bro

  21. The install instructions come in the zip and they are very clear so it shouldn't be too difficult :)

  22. If my memory serves the album was originally going to be called Techno Pop . There are supposedly White Label Promo vinyl lp's out there somewhere??There was a delay in its release for some reason and when it finally came out in '86 it was renamed Electric Café. But i maybe wrong 🤔

  23. The white-label promo may well be the source of these 83 demos. I'd always wondered if they were released by some EMI official, many years after kw showed them these two tracks as teasers for the next album. But then, bike accident, transfer everything to synclavier etc, and Electric Cafe sounds like that!


  25. I know very little about the image processing techniques you're using to clean it up, it's pretty stunning though!

  26. That's awesome! Is it possible to make the video the exact same time length as the sound bar? That way you could put the playback dot right where you want the sound bar.

  27. That's a granular effect, with decreasing sizes of grains, which makes it sound like its going up in pitch.

  28. I can't see an audio cable, usually rca, connected to an amp with a phono source.

  29. There are many ways you can make a sound last longer, it just depends on the sound and how many artifacts you can deal with.

  30. The only thing you absolutley HAVE to do when rolling your own exs24 patches, is save them. If you don't same them, Logic loses track of the patch and related files and you end up in this situation.

  31. I would temper your expectations - the AI can do amazing things, but they only understand the material they were trained on. Depending how loud the music is, and how much it's masking the talking, there will only be so much you can recover.

  32. I don't care why or what you're doing it for but the only way to ensure that the sound continues when you turn one of them down is to change the algorithm to only multiplying to 2 remaining signals.

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