1. That movie pissed me off so much. Terrible strategy there

  2. You’re fine to fuck off on your own right now. Just don’t drag any of the rest of us into it.

  3. A taste of the dystopian future we can look forward to under Labour's proposed "New Britain" with infinity devolution

  4. FT long read article about what the energy crisis is doing to German industry:

  5. It’s ‘There are no grooming gangs’ levels of denial all over again.

  6. It's infuriating that the EU absolutely did not do all they could have done to dissuade Putin from his violent actions since 2014.

  7. The EU was too busy using all that cheap and environmentally friendly gas to prop up their industry

  8. Has to be one of the most uncanny valley examples I’ve seen.

  9. Yeah really good! Still don’t know anyone who’s died of COVID, still can get access to basically any medical service for free or heavily discounted, still not having mass shootings, still have a functioning society. If this is what tyranny looks like, it’s pretty damn good if you ask me

  10. But I thought girl power was a thing and women are just as strong as men. Anyway you can wear your fedora with pride tonight.

  11. Irish woman gets overly sensitive about a made up name in Football Manager. Seems to blame her response on gammons

  12. I live in a red state and when Covid came it was like nothing occurred. People barely wore masks, traffic was still a nightmare, and people seriously didn’t respect social distancing. Covid disrupted the economy, took a giant shit in the already fuck up education system, isolated people, it made lonely people even lonelier.

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