How Yu-Gi-Oh! predicted James Wiseman to bust

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  1. Luke, I am your flower.

  2. What's weird is this baby looks like Ed Sheeran

  3. This is the SFF equivalent of a muscular man wearing a shirt 2 sizes too small, his muscles bulging out and 3 shirt buttons already popped off.

  4. I bet they'd do well in the annual Bacon Marathon.

  5. Sir, this is a Wendy's

  6. Tonya Montana: You wanna fuck with me?!

  7. Groot: sighs I am Groot... unzips I am Groot!

  8. ..T..T..Thomas? . . . It's Mister Thomas!

  9. TIL I could've been a practicing doctor in the 1800s

  10. ngl I thought the first pic was 2 trays of blue meth from BB

  11. How about raw chicken dipped in beaten eggs, then deep-fried?

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