1. Why go play in a sewer when there's a perfectly good playground just down the street?

  2. Always choose computer game over 🤮 w*man 🤮

  3. Don't do this. It is highly likely to turn you gay.

  4. They didn't even answer it though... Just made us feel stupid for not knowing which obvious answer is the correct one.

  5. if people smoke weed to get high, why do people smoke cigarettes? To get Lung Cancer?

  6. I feel like this shouldn’t be allowed. He should be on some kind of registry

  7. I never understand the appeal of transatlantic porn. You’re just at your computer browsing through the typical porn subreddit. You see some gifs, you kindly unzip your pants, carefully grab some napkins, gently pump some lotion into your hands, and then just as you look up BOOM! Surprise dick in your face.

  8. That's it. Surprise dick is the appeal. Very often it is not a surprise though.

  9. You should never do anything for a woman. At the point that you do, you have lost.

  10. She is already senseless, but beating her is still a good idea.

  11. white people get murdered and raped like crazy in South Africa. op is living in the wrong place

  12. lol nah. most blacks are diehard democrats. you can win some of them, but will never get close to a majority anytime soon. even if all the black schools start handing out dildos and lube to kids and putting extra estrogen in the school food, they still gonna vote dem.

  13. Shame that the one we really want is the only one not here yet.

  14. I must be for thinking less teen pregnancy and STDs are a good thing, huh?

  15. Show me the data that shows sex ed in elementary school actually helps and then lets talk. Also, they were talking about teaching gay sex, not protected straight sex.

  16. Personally I would always prefer a morning of awkwardness over a night of loneliness.

  17. I want to be the awkward one who makes them feel uneasy.

  18. What kind of stupid research leads you to think a big dildo is where you start out training your asshole? This guy's too dumb to larp about surviving prison, let alone actually doing it

  19. Keep your head down mouth shut. Don't try to fit in. Keep your crime to yourself. Unless asked. Or tell them you want to go PC. and not general population.

  20. My political positions are constantly shifting based on which position was most recently accused of being jewish.

  21. Remote data entry jobs are rare. Mostly for data entry you're entering in from documents, if you're remote that data is already in the system somewhere so it defeats the purpose of someone entering it a second time.

  22. I honestly can't believe this shit already existed in 2013 wtf

  23. Same. The internet wasn't making jokes like this until 2014 at the earliest.

  24. Were you using the internet in 2013? This shit was a major genre of comedy

  25. I was. I wasn't on reddit, twitter, or 4chan yet though, so it's possible I just wasn't in the right places.

  26. Wait, which tribe did that and how do you know?👀

  27. yeah pretty sure i've had that for a while now. i sometimes wave randomly just to let them know that i know.

  28. Hmm looks like he was one before the coof. That's pretty based.

  29. Imagine being anti-vax and then changing your opinion when the covid vaccines roll out because you're worried for your career.

  30. once you're paying monthly, you'll feel like you have to work out to justify it.

  31. I haven't heard a "Bush did 9/11" joke in so long it genuinely makes me sad

  32. Humans aren't a race humans are a species. Races are mostly sub species different dog/cat breeds. Black white yellow hu-

  33. However, some of other the races may act like a different species sometimes.

  34. Linustechtips? more like Linus ten hours of unprotected gay sex when i arrive at his house

  35. Better be careful to not let him have your name in case you make him pregnant.

  36. There’s no fucking WAY people are using reddit through anything but the mobile app. I refuse to believe.

  37. All of us, when we get just a stitch too horny.

  38. just post your location so we can all hit you up

  39. Looks like he’s wearing cargo shorts over his skinny jeans.

  40. only acceptable way to wear skinny jeans is with cargo shorts over them

  41. simply do some cardio and you can casually do this with just 30 minutes of exercise per day

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