1. I was really looking forward to going, but I think I have too much going on rn to make the trip from SC.

  2. Ha! No worries about pinching the nose! I know what it takes to get exposure - it doesn’t look like you’re being mean 😊

  3. Thank you very much for answering. Of course not what I wanted to hear. But hopefully, like the vet said for the 2 that were extracted on the bottom, extracting one from the top will give the rest more room and this won’t persist.

  4. And these pics make it look like I’m really pinching her nose but I wasn’t at all! She’s my angel and I’m very protective of her.

  5. I do have a PCP and my wife is a Dr..I actually already have some prometh and I have gabapentin too if I need it but I’m actually doing okay so far, on day 3. I was taking 13 gram doses 3x daily. The first 2 taper days I did 3 10g doses and today I’m going for 9 grams. I am feeling the cravings and lack of motivation/energy for sure but I am pushing through :D thanks for your words of encouragement

  6. Congrats! Today is my day one of tapering from 3 13 gram doses daily, so pretty similar to yours. My plan is to cut it down 3 grams per week till at 0. I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to do such a fast taper as you. How did you manage?!

  7. These don’t look like shrooms at all no matter how they were ground. If you’ve tripped off them it’s possible there’s research chemical in it

  8. You aren’t on any anti depressants are you?

  9. They’re pretty sterile from the packaging. I’ve gone through hundreds of these cups and contam from the cups has never been an issue for me

  10. Have you seen PGT 1 2 3 agar? That’s the method I use

  11. While I have ya here though. So essentially you put a piece of tissue you want to clone, let it grow and if there’s contam, cut out a corner furthest from it and repeat until you get all mycelium/no contam? And each time you take another cut you want it to be furthest from the last cut?

  12. Definitely. I had to go off my meds to be able to have a proper trip. I also tried 3.5 and barley felt it. After I tapered off and tried again, totally different experience and I didn’t want to go back on my meds :)

  13. False parasols have green spores..could be an old one

  14. For most people that would likely be a low dose for tripping, I’d expect to feel a little weird but not much else. It’s good to start there to gauge potency bc there are some that 1.34 would get you tripping but usually not when it’s generic looking cubes. I’d try 3 -3.5 next time of this strain.

  15. I took 1g a year ago and it was craziest trip I had

  16. I don’t see the bruising on the stem where it’s broken

  17. I cranked up the contrast a bit to help identifying the mold/bruiding. they're GTs, if it helps :)

  18. Ooh I see! Good luck with the rest of your grow, it looks pretty healthy to me

  19. I like this, value is massively subjective. Tbh I grow using brown rice and verm in ziplock pouches. Hoping to fill the house to heat it this winter. We’re getting to a heat or eat winter.

  20. As in youd get enough heat from the heat produced from the inoculation?? You’re being somewhat metaphorical I presume? Haha! Also I didn’t know ziplocks could withstand the pressure cooker, good to know.

  21. Yeah the energy and warmth it produces throughout the crow cycle. Get the decent thermal ziplocks and you’ll get a fair few uses out of them. I had a take away over the weekend and all I could think of was the potential of the containers lol, cleaned them up modified and sterilised. Now inoculated them using couscous, 1st time see how it goes

  22. Do you know how you got that instead of GT? Is this something the company sells??

  23. When mine were taking forever i went with the logic that evaporation of water causes pinning so I would spray until there were a bunch of tiny droplets then fanning every few hours until it evaporated so I could repeat. Seemed to work! You could also soak the cake for 8ish hours in ice water to “shock “ it

  24. Kimbahhly is pretty bad. If a man did any of the stuff she does they’d be borderline rapey/predatory

  25. Search shoe box tek in shroomery, watch Philly golden teacher

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