1. This kinda goes for all hobbies but, it helps to have more than one sim doing the hobby. Take like 3-4 sims, put them in a house with haunted items, and make them search for ghosts! Hopefully you get them all soon :)

  2. Bonfire Bash is a good smokey vanilla/marshmallow scent that is similar to Marshmallow Fireside

  3. I thought I commented this already but it turns out you posted this in another sub that I saw! Lol so I commented it on that post

  4. I have no idea why b&bw has stores located in outlets when they’re not an outlet! I got excited that one was somewhat close to me, I drove to it, turns out to be just a regular b&bw in the outlet mall 🙄

  5. It’s a blue cloud for them and your avatar, but the Pokémon have a pink circle when they pop up

  6. that’s regular incense - daily incense pokemon spawn have a blue glow around them that’s how your distinguish them from anything else

  7. You’re right that they have a small blue cloud circling them, but they also have pink circles that indicate it’s an incense spawn

  8. They used to allow as many pets as you wanted on one lot but changed it because people were putting dozens of pets in one house to farm life points and money. You can't even do it with dogs and cats anymore. It's 2 per lot. The only way you can have more is it you had a pet farm prior to the change, then they let you keep all the pets on the lot but moving forward it limited to 2 of anything.

  9. Have you tried the pet “glitch”? Or is that what you’re referring to

  10. Oh, was it a glitch that got you more than 2 pets per lot? I thought it was something that used to be allowed but then they changed it. Only because i had an old house with 2 dogs and 2 cats and after i demolished it and rehomed the animals i couldn't get 4 pets on a lot again. I don't think i used a glitch to originally do it, i thought it was something they changed in the game.

  11. Hmm I’m not sure about that part, but I think you can still do the glitch because I have lots of friends who have pet farms. But you can only do it with puppies and kittens I’m pretty sure. Which is what I was referring to in my post. I wish we could do it with dragons and fairies but alas we can’t 😪

  12. I joined in October, and i have guzzlord + niheligo but how do i get the others?

  13. They will be in raids this weekend, check Pokémon Go’s news section for details

  14. I don’t see the issue with the Elite Raids being in person only? Part of the gameplay is meant to be getting out there and socialising/exploring/playing with others?

  15. A lot of people don’t play PoGo anymore. I have basically nobody near me who can help with an elite raid and it’s unfortunate that they put Pokémon that you can ONLY get from elite raids because that makes those inaccessible to a lot of us. They should allow people to use remote raid passes on them and then give extra rewards for people who are doing those in person

  16. I don’t remember smelling amber, I have the old Cozy Evening from SAS this year and they smell the same. You might be thinking of Cozy Sunday Morning from last Christmas which scent notes are Fresh lavender, creamy vanilla, and soft sandalwood.

  17. I agree. Cozy Evening is my fave b&bw scent; it has no “amber spice” to it at all so I’m guessing OP is thinking of another scent.

  18. I have 4 in my dex but I transferred them from my inventory for some reason smh lol

  19. I really hope some are there after Christmas at SAS! I don't think I got enough when it was on sale. It turns out, I like it better than anything I have been wearing from fall to now.

  20. Oh wow I forgot about this post lol. But yeah let’s hope it’s at SAS!

  21. For me it popped up right next to my Turkey. It’s so weird that it’s not there for you. Maybe try restarting your app?

  22. That’s why I’ve slowly started getting my husband into b&bw mens products 😜

  23. If only mine would finish his Noir set from last year loll. He's really simple (which is fine) so he likes to stick to his essentials

  24. My husband is like that too, he prefers his designer colognes but he does like b&bw’s body sprays and lotions. He fell in love with Clean Slate right when they discontinued it lol. Now his favorite is the Sport one

  25. I just bought a couple of the “Boss” packages. It just gives you the cafe coins. I decided I wanted to finish up my cafe after neglecting it for so long so this was the quickest way

  26. I can’t even scroll through my items, I have so freaking many 😭 I’m so glad they introduced the new feature where you can sort by what type of item it is. Before that, it was pretty much impossible to find an item you needed

  27. Is the musk strong? I love the smell of baby wipes and J&J products but I don’t like too much musk

  28. I personally don’t think it’s too musky at all, it just smells like baby wipes or powder to me but it’s different for everybody! So I think you’d have to smell it for yourself 😅

  29. Basically people do the pet glitch to have multiple pets on their lot, and then those pets dig for simoleons and LPs. So if you visit a neighbor who has a pet farm you can get a few LPs this way :)

  30. When pets dig and find treasure, they have a little exclamation point bubble that pops up. When you click it you receive your reward. The pets do this by themselves

  31. The simdex has some pretty cool prizes including a few nice houses. If you haven’t progressed through that yet it’s worth doing! But yeah, striving to get to level 55 isn’t really worth it

  32. Add some rugs and some plants! And decorations on the walls. It’ll help cover the emptiness

  33. You get them from special events or hobbies that you complete

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