1. Yes, idiots hauling an oversized load doing what they’re supposed to do

  2. Looks like a heavily modified Lincoln Mark V

  3. You can put a long bolt in there to hold the pushrod up when replacing the fuel pump. Once the fuel pump is done, put a shorter bolt in there with thread sealant to avoid an oil leak.

  4. Good point. I should have clarified that

  5. Question for one of the experts here. How can you tell if this is a Toronado or Trofeo?

  6. Only my second favorite Lamborghini. Though Jalpa’s look very nice, I wish I could find a Silhouette to just look at.

  7. You’re half right. The Jalpa is the second best looking Lamborghini. The Miura is the best.

  8. Excuse you. Miura is the best looking car of all time.

  9. I totally agree! I shouldn’t have limited it to the best looking Lamborghini.

  10. Could do an evo and upgrade the jugs and cam and that bike will sound amazing and put down plenty of power.

  11. And it’ll still leak oil everywhere you park it

  12. Had a 94 heritage for a few years never leaked a drop. I’ve had an 88 , 96 and a 103 that I’ve chased oil leaked on though.

  13. I had a 95 Softail Custom that I never could get to stop leaking. Still loved riding that sexy beast. None of my TC or M8’s have ever leaked a drop. Funny how everyone can have such different experiences.

  14. The green one is Rat Roaster built by Stacy David on the show Gears

  15. I had a 2012 Ram 1500. 5.7, 150,000 miles, cylinder 3 looked just like it.

  16. I feel your thoughts are pretty accurate. I rode the Dragon a couple of years ago. I did not enjoy it. But, like you accurately described, I was riding 2-up on a 900+ pound HD bagger. I loved Cherahola and Moonshiners 28. Just outside of Robbinsville is Wayah Rd. That was my favorite ride in that area.

  17. If it’s on the driver side that means he was in the lane that you merged into. He was driving aggressively but you still need to look before making a lane change.

  18. This is the correct answer regardless of what a bunch of Redditors say. Be interesting to get an update after the police and insurance are finished.

  19. You are at fault. It is your responsibility when changing lanes to make sure it’s clear. The fact that the damage is on your quarter panel is proof enough that he was already alongside you. Whether he was tailgating or not, is irrelevant. He had already established himself in the left lane, proven by the fact that you have LR damage and I’m assuming he has RF damage. You changed lanes when it wasn’t clear.

  20. If these two are the choice, the Softail is always the answer. I had a 95 Softail Custom exactly like the one in your picture. I loved that thing.

  21. Had? You sold it… why would you do that . 😂

  22. I also have a 2020 Roadglide Limited. Since I normally ride 2-up with my wife, the Softail just sat most of the time. A friend of mine was looking for a bike and asked if I would sell him the Softail. I figured it deserved to be ridden more than I was and he made me a solid offer.

  23. I'm thinking 1970-1971 Ford Torino/Fairlane. The leading edge of the fenders is pointy and those look like they could be Ford wheels.

  24. I concur. Front and the profile look like a Torino to me. Looks like Magnum 500 wheels.

  25. Not a base Camaro as others have said. It’s the opposite. It’s an 87-90 IROC Z28. It was the top of the line trim level of Camaro

  26. Good catch on the stripe. But all the 25th anniversary cars were either convertible or T-top cars

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