1. What’s wrong with the field? It looks like it has big circular ruts in it.

  2. Some one broke into the stadium and did donuts

  3. Mike White for the ceiling, Heineken or Carr the safe Play (between those 2, probably Carr, but a toss up)

  4. Carr is playing the Seahawks and their defense is not good so that would be my pick

  5. Once your 40+ year old HOF QB retires too, you’ll understand our pain

  6. We’ve had that pain for the entirety of our existence… let us enjoy it while it lasts

  7. He’s not even listed as the 3rd wideout though… he’s listed as one of the receivers on the second team. Gage is listed as the 3rd wide receiver on the first team

  8. This is kinda like how I distinguish port from starboard. Starboard has an "R" in it so it is right. Port also has an "r" but it also was called larboard which has an "L" so that is left.

  9. Port and left have the same number of letters

  10. I got offered kupp for ken walker and goedert, thoughts? and im not lmao im 4-5 and last in my division

  11. I’d take that with having kittle personally

  12. You could try using a flat head screwdriver that fits, that usually works for stripped Phillips head screws

  13. Or if you have a dremel you can cut a flat into the screw. A file would also work.

  14. Let’s just come up with a different nickname…

  15. I traded CEH for Dhop & Dharris like week 4 when he was still the RB4 lol Seems to have worked out just from DHOP alone

  16. Also got lucky and timed CEH! Got etienne and devonta smith for him and freiermuth

  17. Why does ppr matter to Justin Herbert lol

  18. Chris Godwin and Tom Brady, but I’m a bucs fan.

  19. Godwin is a tremendous buy low in PPR. Owner might be sick of waiting for him to blow up but his floor is great for a WR2 and if he starts getting TDs his value skyrockets.

  20. Got him and Brady for Diontae Johnson off the Steelers fan in my league after week 2. Best I’ve ever made as a bucs fan even though I haven’t been starting either consistently

  21. I thought his first couple weeks on game day weren’t great. He was trying too hard and talking over the other commentators. He’s gotten much better and had more chemistry the last 3-4 weeks.

  22. All they do with him is run up the middle....and their O-Line is so trash that he immediately gets contacted and then bulls his way for a couple yards.

  23. If you watched the bucs games you’d see that the other RBs aren’t running into the back of their offensive linemen. They aren’t blocking well but rachaad white averaged 3.4 yds and Lenny averaged 2.1…

  24. Only thing that sucks is AT&T and the Sunday Ticket. I really hope Apple gets the contract next year.

  25. You can get the directv Sunday ticket as a stand-alone package without having AT&T. Just need to be in a building or residence where you can’t get satellite installed. Works very well for me living out of market and them never being on cable.

  26. A win, as ugly as it was, over the reigning Super Bowl champ, has got to be a spark.

  27. Not just a win, outside of the one busted coverage we gave 137 total yards to the Super Bowl champion Rams. Defense played lights out and if it weren’t for two offsides we would’ve had two more sacks as well.

  28. Blame Lamar and Mahomes. Back to back seasons of 2nd year QBs winning MVP has conditioned folks into believing a 2nd year in the league is all it takes to light up the league

  29. Just look at Josh Allen. People were ready to write him off completely after year 2

  30. With Mandrews out, and Waller questionable, I picked up likely and dropped my kicker. Do I drop Waller or Eno Benjamin for a kicker?

  31. Ah okay yeah that sucks they play a day later this week, hopefully they declare it earlier. Who do you think out or BRob and Rachaad if Gus is still questionable?

  32. Don’t really like either but at least BRob is in position to get some good amount of reps.

  33. Yeah true, last week worried me with BRob getting less volume so was thinking white at least gets reviving work too

  34. Yeah RBs are so scarce every year that I always try to overload at the position early in the draft so I don’t have to play these types of matchups.

  35. I have Adams, St Brown, Waddle, R. Woods and Paris Campbell for WR

  36. big sets of deadlifts and swings with a lighter weight should build grip strength

  37. Also try holding multiple kbs while deadlifting to work on grip strength more. Instead of 2 32 kg bells try to hold 4 16 kg bells.

  38. He’s just standing there…. Menacingly!

  39. Yea the more input I have gotten the more that one makes more sense. I am 4-4 so this is a big trade.

  40. JT has more upside if he can return to form. But Lenny has the better playoff schedule. Lenny also has more competition for his touches.

  41. How can someone have Ekeler, tyreek, Kamara, Andrews in a 12 team league? You play with the taco squad?

  42. Easy that’s a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rd pick. Also could have traded.

  43. A world where people drafted after the kamara arrest news broke. Remember people were worried he’d miss the whole year at one point

  44. The game plans are trash! And the players aren’t executing…

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