1. mvus says:

    dude, this is not the way

  2. No, I see no irony when people are posting offtopic political ragebait for the sole purpose of derailing subreddit. You think ragebait should be allowed, just like 4chan? By all means, you are welcome to go to such freezepeach places. I delete 2 comments in 3 years, explaining the reason, and I get this?

  3. mvus says:

    well, deleting the comments is never a good look, whether 2 or a dozen. since you're aiming to foster a crowd of thinkers then surely they should be trusted with deciding what is and isn't rage bait. besides, if you comment underneath, they'll know what is and isn't appreciated here. otherwise, how will they learn

  4. is this a full sentence?

  5. I meant some straight people want a straight pride, autocorrect changed it.

  6. mvus says:

    oooh. thanks for explaining

  7. Then there's Apple whose CEO, Tim Cook, is gay. But Apple's pride merch isn't the best.

  8. apple merch isn't the best, period

  9. sir, why bring up the last thing unless you want it to go somewhere

  10. First off it’s ma’am, second of all, because it’s true

  11. was referring the video and "my dick is bigger than yours" line

  12. Like seriously! I left Facebook in 2011 and never looked back. The health benefits all over the place have been insane. Like wow. I am looking forward to the death of Apollo so I can leave Reddit forever also. Would probably be great.

  13. wouldn't say making light of this is in good taste

  14. he was under an NDA like the rest, and of course he meant this ironically:

  15. hands down the best use of this template

  16. I'd say the title is unnecessarily inflammatory but of course nobody here needs me to say it to know it

  17. might need a few extra slipping pills for that, but worth a shot. will let you know if it worked. I mean, if it didn't work

  18. this was reposted a billion times, but frustratingly never with source

  19. relatable. once had a dream of being a trans person

  20. Using a different account, log in and post an obviously incorrect answer. People will fall over themselves to correct the original answer. Problem solved.

  21. who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science

  22. definitely set out to type articulate. who knows what happened between then and after

  23. listen here, king--queen?

  24. I've been here a total of 5 minutes and I love this sub

  25. "Our operation is small, but there's a lot of potential for "aggressive" expansion."


  27. What would be the most popular wizard crystal ball-porn categories then?

  28. broombrator n snitchgag sm 🥹👍

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