1. Don't forget about the lazy spoon

  2. Yeah, the constant feeling of needing to pee is what really stands out for me when I remember my pregnancy. That and the daily, tears-down-my-face heartburn.

  3. Ugh you know it's bad when water gives you heartburn.

  4. I definitely felt like a piece was missing from me after I gave birth. It was a really weird feeling, because my baby was in my arms and I didn't lose him! But I still felt like I lost my little buddy in my belly.

  5. So, in college I (now 29F) really enjoyed watching the show with some of my friends who were male. It's a funny, well-written, and sweet show. I think sometimes adults need an escape into a more innocent world. Like reading children's literature or watching Disney movies even if you don't have a kid.

  6. "Guess what we've been doing daddy? We've been fucking!"

  7. I hope she wants to come and play with me.

  8. What is your child’s response to raw veggies? Saw my cousin’s fam incl his child over Christmas and I was stunned to learn the child’s mother figured out that the child just prefers raw vs cooked. Maybe silly but it blew my mind.

  9. It is funny, he prefers raw vegetables to cooked ones but still doesn't eat much. He's 13 months and only has one tooth haha, so I think he likes the taste but has trouble chewing them enough. He'll work them for a minute and then spit them out.

  10. If they're eating meat, egg, dairy (if they can), fruit and veg. Don't overthink it so much.

  11. I understand you’re concerned that your kid is having a hard time throughout the day, and that’s something to follow up about. But, absent that circumstance…do you really need to know when he ate, changed a diaper, slept, etc.? We used in-home daycares from the beginning, so we never got those kind of reports. When things are running normally, you don’t really need that information.

  12. You're right and thank you for pointing that out. I guess it's something that I've just gotten so used to. I am interested in sleep, because he's never been a great napper especially at daycare. I want to make sure he's not over or under tired and am also trying to gauge whether he's ready for one nap or not.

  13. In our current center, after the infant room, there is no longer a written report of kids’ days. Teachers are ALWAYS available to answer questions about how a kid’s day went, though. We can also call the center at any time and get a full report about how the day is going so far. The kids also have a set schedule that gets communicated to parents when they register/move up rooms. Kids move around the entire school: the art room, outdoor play area, lunch room, indoor play area, and sometimes their buddy classroom. So, generally speaking, I have a sense of where my kid is throughout the day.

  14. Thank you for sharing all that! It definitely helps put things into perspective.

  15. 29F 130 lbs 5'2" time = 38.14

  16. "when the iced coff hits the lower intest. that's nectar."

  17. My husband and I say this to each other all the time now

  18. It isn't a great habit to get into, but would you consider a walk or car ride to try and get her to take a late cat nap?

  19. We were thinking about a car ride. She always wakes up when we try to take her out of the car seat so we would have to keep driving or just sit in the car with so we can push her bedtime back to 7:30 again

  20. I think it's worth a shot! It's amazing what a quick 20 or 30 minute nap can do at that age.

  21. Have you started using the word "no" with her recently? We started saying no and shaking our head once ours became mobile, and he started doing it back to us randomly.

  22. It's probably better to view your school fees as payment for your child's spot at the school. They have limited spots and need to pay all their expenses from the school fees they garner. Regardless of whether your child is there or not on any given day, their expenses don't change and they still need payment for the spot your child is taking up. Imagine what would happen if half the school was gone for the week before Christmas and no one had to pay for the service they are not actively using? The school would run at a tremendous loss during that time.

  23. I also like to think of it as paying the school like it's a salaried employee. A flat rate with time off and holidays.

  24. Well u cant deny they just took the easy way out and it was a stupid way to kill him. His post death going up scene was nice tho.

  25. It was a very realistic way. Millions of people died from COVID-19, why should Frank be an exception?

  26. I'm so sore after yesterday, I don't know how I'm going to survive today.

  27. I first knew of him when watching the holiday baking championship

  28. Same! I was actually so excited for him to host the Bachelor because I love him on holiday baking championship.

  29. I was on V’s side when her and Kev were arguing about the kids, she definitely had underlying postpartum depression and nobody was really there for her.

  30. I re-watched after having my son and totally understood where V was coming from at that point. PPD is a bitch.

  31. I would also like to see these people ACTUALLY DO STUFF. The guys seemed to keep themselves entertained early on (pool games, working out, etc) but when everyone is together they all look so low energy and just lay in bed chitchatting. Give them some activities, games, SOMETHING. PLEASE!

  32. I agree completely. They look SO bored now.

  33. I’ll be honest, feels like the men are afraid to look bad after Clayton got raked over the coals during his season. Clayton wasn’t great, but acted in roughly the same way that gabby and Rachel did, and got blasted.

  34. This is my first BIP season too, and I was wondering the same thing about the boom boom room! I don't understand how it works, but how has nobody gone yet?

  35. I have done that a few times because I suspected that he was overstimulated but it doesn't seem to work either. I don't know.. We have this thing where a "nurse/healthworker" came to visit the first few weeks and months just to check the babies weight and development etc. I just called and asked her if she could come help me figure this out and she kinda laughed (in a nice way) and said "At this age they typically want EVERYTHING and NOTHING at the same time so he is probably as confused as you are. You know he's headstrong and has an iron will so he's most likely just fine just confused and fussy if he doesn't get everything he wants, some babies just are like that and it will go away. Just do what you can to survive this time, you won't spoil him. And if you do, he can unlearn it when he understands the world better." She told me not to worry about it too much and if he's otherwise healthy it's probably just a phase. But she's coming tomorrow just in case to check him 😅🙈 I feel a bit better now 🙉

  36. My son is 11 months and that everything and nothing line is SO accurate. I've also been struggling with trying to keep him happy, and this makes me feel better.

  37. The scene where Ian's on the run with Yevgeny and Mickey leaves him a voicemail and says "I love you"

  38. "I'm here for love, not to breastfeed Noah."

  39. I'm just here for the comments

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