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  • By - mvea

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  1. It’s 11:35 pm here in Cork. Time to sleep. Market crabbing. Got another day of work tomorrow before the weekend. See you all around!

  2. mvea says:

    Good morning daily. It’s still red I see. Hope everyone is well. Take care and see you all around.

  3. mvea says:

    I personally sell moons on mexc for usdt and then transfer usdt to the network of my choosing without the need to bridge.

  4. Hello daily from Cork, Ireland! It’s 8.15 pm. I’m heading to bed. Market is red and weak. What a time to be alive. I hope you’re all having a good week so far regardless. I’ll see you all later!

  5. Good evening daily! It’s 9.30 pm in Dublin and it’s time for bed. I’ve had too much Guinness and whiskey. The market is surprisingly greener at the moment. Nice. I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m planning to run another moons contest next week. Feel free to give me ideas! Good night!

  6. Good morning daily from sunny Dublin! It’s 10:15 am here. Working on the fiat mines. Long way from home. The market is red. I hope everyone is having a good week. See you all around.


  8. Step one - apply to be a Reddit avatar artist.

  9. Well done. It was a very hard quiz thanks to jwinterm - you and the other winners deserve your moons!!!

  10. Oh it was you? Great timing my friend!


  12. Hello daily from Dublin! Here for work. It’s 6 pm. In 5 hours at 11 pm my time or 6 pm EDT we will be running another TRIVIA 4 MOONS event - hosted by me and

  13. I'm so envious of what I assume is work giving you the opportunity to travel so much!

  14. Yes it’s work. There are pros and cons. But I get very high frequent flyer points. And status.


  16. Buy it for the meme or the art or to collect it. Don’t buy it as an “investment” or to “get rich quick”.

  17. You have a great #1 collection. :)

  18. Yay, congrats to all winners ! And thanks for voting for some of mine guys. Hope we’ll get more people involved in voting next time !

  19. Well done mate - you’re winning it!

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