A salute to Queen Elizabeth in RDR2 🤍

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  1. some of you might recognize this from a clip that was included in the skunk ape circus documentary

  2. You can't buy bowels on your country? That's bullshit, what country if you don't mind me asking?

  3. Portugal, the only spoon pipes available are really tiny, like 7cm

  4. a spliff is a joint rolled with weed or hash mixed with tobacco

  5. No offense man but the reality is that you probably just don't have the right connections, and i've been there, it sucks, you just gotta find some friends who smoke and ask where they get theirs. With all the weed being grown and pushed in the balkans some of it has to get to Romania. Oh and don't bother looking online, you'll only end up getting scammed, best of luck✌️

  6. I don't know anyone here who smokes.

  7. I think i saw you mention something about people smoking in clubs, if you're that desperate then just start going to clubs and lookinyfor those people, can't say it'll be easy but you can try it. Coming from someone who also lives in an illegal country it's almost impossible to find weed without knowing anyone, it's always the friend of a friend 🤷‍♂️

  8. i wouldn't risk it man, i'd just roll a joint and go for a walk if i was you

  9. idk if it's just me but even when it's been a bit simce i last smoked i still feel a bit different and relaxed, so if you smoke regularly that might be it

  10. vou aí a cima no final do mês, com sorte fecho uma à beira do douro também

  11. i know it's been a year but what size paper did you use?

  12. in portugal we say "fazer gravata" which translates to making a tie 👔

  13. although i first started with smoking hash spliffs it did take quite some time for me to start feeling

  14. nice idea to wrap your wick around the pipe, never thought of it

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