1. Thanks for sharing. Not bidding, but saw a few badges on my wish list.

  2. Hitchens' razor: The burden of proof is on those who make the initial argument, not on someone else to disprove their argument. Biden is a great candidate. He has a stellar and historic record as president. He has experience in government before being president, especially in foreign policy, which is a quality that's much needed at the current moment. He has legislative experience which has helped him get several historic pieces of legislation passed. Legislation that Democrats have been trying and failing to pass for decades. The only quality given in the comment is a younger candidate. That's agist and discriminatory. Why would a younger candidate who doesn't have the experience be better? It's not an abstract question about whether or not Biden is up to the job: he's proven that he can not only do the job, but he excels at it. So again, why?

  3. “…and the rejection of a proposal for federal COVID funding by Governor Reynolds.” All according to plan. Destroy education in Iowa by any means necessary.

  4. The governor has guidelines. Do you know them? I don't. The fact of the matter is that the moment the request was made, the school knowingly put the governor in a lose-lose situation and they knew it. Approve the grant (assuming she even could), and she gets in hot water from the press and people like you for giving money to a religious school. Deny it, and she hates education, again by people like you. The FACT is that of all the issues cited, only one was a stop-gap and may not even have been possible, but the school president decided THAT was the one she was going to emphasize.

  5. Kind of annoying it’s a semifinal matchup. I feel like it’d be great for the women’s game to have that as the championship.

  6. Iowa got robbed of a #1 seed after winning the Big Ten Tournament.

  7. I use acrylic helmet stands from this store. The seller use to put felt on the top.

  8. Was a nail-biter for sure. Hopefully the team learns how to defensive rebound and follow their shots if they are to win on Sunday. We need Hannah back for depth.

  9. Original, but poor condition. I wouldn't pay a dime over $300, would be more comfortable at $200.

  10. I called the customer support and they told me that I have go through their automatic system to verify my account. Once they transfer my call to verify my account, the call was disconnected.

  11. Same. Have $59.43 in cash back that I'll never be able to use as it errors out whenever attempt to transfer the funds to a rewards card. So frustrating.

  12. We weren't even involved in Syria when Bush was in office, maybe you're confusing it with Iraq??

  13. While I can't find any info on the coin itself (tried Coinscope app and was unsuccessful), I do know that cleaning it will destroy the value.

  14. High?! I’ve seen luftwaffe helmets going for way higher

  15. I refuse to shop at that Walgreens because I miss Doc n Eddy's and their goofy statue. We don't need local character, do we? Just chain stores as far as the eye can see, right?

  16. It's an original M40 single decal Heer helmet shell. $350 is too much. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $200, but prices have gone up.

  17. Field of Dreams, Future birth place of captain Picard, a weird number of worlds largest items across the state. lol. Good hunting.. Edit. Picard all the way. But yes it’s Kirk lol. I was just watching some TNG gag reels when I wrote that.

  18. Yes, from two separate events. The small ribbon is missing a single bronze oak leaf cluster to denote the 2nd award.

  19. That's a repro. The overly fat handle with wire that terminates in an exposed hole is a dead giveaway. Also the scabbard is wrong as you mentioned.

  20. Do you source specifically popular posters? A few of the ones I have are oddballs. Worried people on eBay won’t be searching specifically for my posters if they aren’t super hot movies.

  21. I get all my posters free. The popular ones sell faster, but for lower profit as there's more competition. The oddballs take longer to sell, but the profit it much higher with less competition.

  22. No problem. 'theboxery' store on eBay has the lowest prices on bulk shipping tubes.

  23. Search the sub for a quick answer. This question is asked routinely. Personally, I've used Budget Detail for the last 10+ years. Jim is the best.

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