1. also those pink plants got added in the past week, i’m thinking that’s why they look a little worse for the wear at the moment

  2. Are you dechlorinating prior or just adding on top of what you have left in the tank

  3. do not worry too much about dechlorinating before you add it in. The chlorine isn't enough to hurt any fish right away. You can add the water into the tank, and then measure and add whatever chemicals you are using based on the instructions. I tend to add my water to the tank first, and then add my dechlorinator right to the tank, rather than trying to add it to the bucket of water

  4. also i second using seachem's prime. Shit is like liquid gold to fish tanks

  5. bro. Rinse it as thoroughly as possible with something non toxic. if u can afford it or care about your life then toss it and buy a new one.

  6. Lol, glass does not absorb anything. It’s kinda why we all smoke out of it. If glass absorbed anything even isopropyl alcohol would not be safe. Good lord the fear mongering. At least be well informed beforehand

  7. i mean it’s bleach bro… better safe than sorry??

  8. I would recommend taking the 2nd gourami back to the store

  9. flow looks super high for a gourami, could be causing stress

  10. honestly it may look that way because my airstone on top of creating the little bubbles in the picture, additionally intermittently creates large bubbles to break surface tension.

  11. Nah the flow is high, you can see the plants moving. Fish looks fine though imo

  12. thank you. My 2 flow spouts are adjustable so i will try to position them more against the wall/upwards to reduce flow

  13. Air stones are good to break surface tensions especially in tanks that are not maturely cycled as yet. Make sure you have filter media in your filter so the bacteria has a place to sustain itself. For sure your plants, for many reasons, I would replace as many artificial ones as you can with live plants. There are a lot of fully aquatic plants that are easy to care for. It will not only oxygenate your tank, but establish beneficial bacteria and help with maintenance and water parameters. Depending on what fish u get, more or less hiding places. I would determine for sure if you want lots of fish or a centerpiece, but i don't know a lot about stocking. Snails will also help a lot. Definitely do a lot of research, Best of luck!

  14. his name is bong water!! I was gonna grab some new plants soon and floaters sound like a great idea!

  15. melt? it’s a live plant. i don’t understand??

  16. No mutilation; sorry to disappoint you world haters out there who think everything in existence is awful and caused by evil humans. This is an old sand tiger shark who is projecting his/her jaws, which apparently is common when feeding. I'm no expert, I just googled it.

  17. its top lip is definitely mutilated bro. Look up what a regular sand tiger shark looks like.

  18. Update: Sat down with him and politely asked him to stop peeing in the sink. He refused and said he will never stop. I am not sure what I am gonna do now

  19. I…just…what. First of all, you say that you both have habits that get on each others nerves; out of curiosity are any of yours equally as bad??? Todd, his older brothers, and your friends are all gross as hell. NTA.

  20. I am a daily smoker (weed), however he also smokes quite often and uses all my equipment which i don’t mind. I am also quite nonchalant and not the best listener which im sure gets on his nerves. but i am the only one who cleans the room and i keep my side organized, so no i don’t think anything i do can be that gross.

  21. So even though she can simply fix the solution by not having hers lay around in the sun (which I'm confused as to why that's such a 'healthy' thing to do for an elderly dog) but I need to apologize? For what stating the truth? Her dog is at least half if not all Pitbull which is not allowed in my complex.

  22. it is not up to anyone in any way to fix the problem except for yourself. Yourself and yourself only. The dog is entirely your responsibility and no one else's. If it is barking and you are receiving continuous complaints about YOUR dog you have to find a solution and cannot expect or even ask other people to accommodate for a problem you are responsible for. Grow up and handle it yourself.

  23. Apparently my presence with another person would cause zoe to be “uncomfortable”. Like come on lady. We went on two dates lol.

  24. Thats why I guess I am so confused as to why Zoe gets to dictate whether or not you get to bring a date? simply because you went on 2 dates? That doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.

  25. Put a little lemon juice (or something similar) and it helps keep the resin from sticking

  26. interesting i didnt know that. Does ur hit taste like lemons? not that i think that would be bad

  27. thanks brotha. 65 for the bong 40 for the catcher and bowl

  28. currently getting my degree in cybersecurity and i work 2 jobs, one at a restaurant and the other at a coffee shop!

  29. Don’t fuck with the Caribbean. You’ll be fine on the American side of things.

  30. everyone seems to be saying similar things, i figured that was the smarter thing to do.

  31. don’t know if you ended up going yet but def ask bartenders. i found it no problem

  32. I don't understand, isn't there a premium subscription with no ads?

  33. there should be ad free services if im not mistaken

  34. Come back next time for the rest of the bong? lol boys and girls, Costco has 99% iso alcohol in a four pack for like 15 bucks. Buy it, swish it, rinse it, toke it!

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