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  1. Gonna leave a google review on any business that starts doing this.

  2. Even for a scam, that shirt is HIDEOUS lmao

  3. My only problem with this is that if I got used to it, it would make everything else in the world so much harder to read by perspective. Like getting used to wearing glasses then taking them off

  4. I'm working on this very hard with my therapist right now. I'm 28 and at many times between my parents, girlfriend, other family, and career, I often feel like I'm completely powerless and just in the passenger seat of my life. And over the years I've actually grown to prefer this, even consciously choose it, and am at my most comfortable letting others be in control. Only recently have I realized how negatively this has impacted me and been the cause for so much of my own suffering in more ways than I could have possibly imagined.

  5. "I often feel like I'm completely powerless and just in the passenger seat of my life. And over the years I've actually grown to prefer this"

  6. I feel you. The first thing you have to accept if you actually want to change is that you want to change for yourself. Not because someone thinks you should or thinks anything would be better for you. You also have to realize that if you do change this way about yourself, it will rock the foundation of all your relationships. One warning I see throughout my work is that your partner may not like the new person you become because it will change the dynamic of your relationship, and you will start to say no to her in ways she never heard before. I have to be ok with that and embrace it regardless.

  7. "Then I posted it on reddit and got sooooo many upvotes"

  8. Talk to support on Discord they're more responsive there. I can tell you from personal experience there's no scam going on but that's just me

  9. For sure that sounds real frustrating. If it's a large amount of money I could see it taking longer but ultimately it will be up to their customer support to settle this

  10. Yeah, there was a day or two where I wasn't inviting people regularly so slipped behind into #4. Then I got an accept and it propelled me back into #3. Been pretty consistent since. Domi is on Discord. He's in #2, but he doesn't wanna say how many points he has. 🤣 I never got into #2 and Domi never got into #1.

  11. This Domi guy probably out on street corners with a spinning sign recruiting people lol

  12. I think they employ a tactic to invite BlankName#XXX or something similar. Rinse and repeat until you find someone.

  13. 5 daily invites will only do so much. Assuming everyone in the top 100 does their daily 5 then it won't propel you any higher just keep you at the same rank. You climb up by getting accepts and that's the hard part

  14. Did you suck all the flavor off each piece and put them all back?

  15. Stupid question for a stupid mistake:

  16. You can’t pay a credit card with a credit card. Call HSBC to initiate a redund

  17. Ok thanks I'll call them. I'm guessing there's no chance of explaining the mixup to PC and having them forgive the interest?

  18. Stupid question for a stupid mistake:

  19. Are characters not allowed to have inside jokes that the documentary crew may not have picked up the origin of?

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