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  1. (there's barely any calories in tablets🤣)

  2. The quotes are weird because the parts they take could be about anything


  4. 32 ETH ($57,000) required to validate transactions with a lockup period and high fees for smart contracts when the network has a lot of users. Great coin for the little guy... Not

  5. Drives me crazy to see the cycle repeat itself every few years. Same shit different mediums. Just sit back and let the newbies do their thing and lose all their money

  6. Jesus Christ the comments on this post 😂 it’s a burger place! If you don’t want to go then don’t!

  7. There are a lot of nice things about the US that we can welcome to Canada. Crappy run of the mill fast food chains arent one of them

  8. Had it in Michigan after hearing hype. Paid $18 usd for a burger, cheese fries, and drink (they "don't do combos" - ??????) And it was so disappointing and small and greasy. The only good part was the sauce because it was their 'hot ones' burger

  9. I love seeing the subreddit before I'm caught up in the podcast. Gets my body ready to embrace whatever Ethan must have said

  10. The sweater is crispy af. I love mine

  11. Ok since I scrolled like a dozen replies without seeing a real explanation, this is a design feature for more “rugged” laptops that allows you to spill liquid on it without instantly causing a device failure. What happens is the liquid is captured in a special reservoir the drain of which we see here. It’s not invincible of course; if you dump a gallon of water on the laptop at once it’ll still break but it’s good if you accidentally spill a bit of your coffee on it or something. Here’s one of the og videos of that in action.

  12. How do I know this isn't also a fake explaination?

  13. Thanks it's actually mine I got the tiny wheels custom made

  14. I would never eat that for breakfast with peace and love but I gotta appreciate the art !ban 4.20

  15. Crave is 720p, how can you watch something in 720p?

  16. Crave is the most garbage app you can possibly use. The fact that they charge money for it is astonishing

  17. I have no idea. I some how got the idea that stealing content off OF is very difficult, but that could be something my brain just made up.

  18. That would defeat the whole purpose of the button

  19. Thats not Jimmie Lee that's James Weiner

  20. Anything with shiny 'futuristic' looking graphics like that tells me "stay as far away from this as possible"

  21. Do comments on this sub also count for moons?

  22. Got a job that pays 30% more than my previous one

  23. I guess to prevent daylight from being visible through them... and to prevent whistling

  24. This city seriously needs to start cracking down on dog owners. It isn't just a small minority anymore. There are an incredible amount of ignorant, self entitled assholes on the loose in this city and there is literally no consequence for any of them.

  25. Would you rather these dog owners just leave the shit on the ground rather than take it to the designated place where garbage goes?

  26. My two are like that. My GSD is my Malamutes rock. They are 12 now and everyday I fear not having them around much longer to laugh and smile about.

  27. 12 is a great life for a gsd. Mine is 1.5 and I already get sad thinking about this :(

  28. Nice but I don't know if it should be a jumpscare

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